Bulls-Eye BBQ Sauce: Possible $15 Gift Card For Survey

Reader Ueen found a surprise on her Bulls-Eye BBQ sauce.  There was a peelie on the side of the bottle that said “SPECIAL OFFER FROM BULLS-EYE”.  If you complete an online survey they will send you a $15 PrePaid Cash Card.  The peelie has a link, keyword and serial number that you will use to complete the survey.  So be sure to keep a lookout for those $15 peelies.

(thanks Ueen!)

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  • deanna heuer

    Wanted to let you know bulls eye bbq is on sale next week at shoprite for 1.69 also. That’s part of the kraft deal!!


    I got the survey, only took about 10 minutes, and stated my $15 visa debit card would be mailed in 4-6 weeks! Woohoo!!! (Got mine on the Kansas style)

  • Sandi

    Bougt mine 5/28 on sale for $1.69 because they had coupons right next to them for .75 off. I was bummed that Shoprite didn’t double the coupons until I got home and found the $15 survey offer. Should be receiving a card in the mail really soon. My husband always grabs more coupons from those little spit-outs, usually annoys me, but I think I’ll grab some more and give the survey to a friend.