Coupons Have Reset!

I hope you were paying attention before when I told you told to print you coupons before they reset.  Cause about 1/2 of them already reset including the Huggies coupons.  So you can head over here to see what is available for printing again. Happy printing 🙂

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  • Patti

    The Site told me last wk I’d printed my max. Tried again tonight & won but coup is being mailed. Couldn’t print anything myself. I know some people are printing 20+…no limit. 🙁 wish I could print

  • Chani

    I printed the huggies yesterday, thinking that since it was the last day of the month it would reset for me today. It didn’t. Will i have to wait till next month?

    • Cindy

      @Chani, If you printed it in the morning then you would have been able to print it later in the day as it reset set early last night.

      They are always taking it down and putting it back up so you may be able to print it again at a later date.