CVS: $5 Off $15 Coupons & More Printing!

There was a whole discussion yesterday on the LRWC facebook page and a lot of people received a $5 off $15 CRT when they made a purchase. Well it appears that they still may be printing and you may also get it from scanning your card at the Red Price Checker Machine as well. Also, there are even reports of small $2 or $3 coupons printing out.

So, if you are heading past a CVS, I would recommend stopping in and scanning your card and maybe even making a small purchase and see what prints. I bought a Power Bar yesterday for $0.99 and got my $0.99 ECB plus the $5 off $15.

Let us know what you scored and when!

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  • meredith smith

    i received this coupon the other day at the end of my transaction and also scored $10 in extra bucks from a survey that was emailed to me from cvs. yippee!!!

  • Mellora

    I purchased the 3/$10 Raisin Bran Crunch (used my $1/2 coupon) and received the $5 ECB as well as the $5 off $15 and a $4 off $20 yesterday!

  • Staci

    I purchased a couple of newspapers at CVS yesterday and received the $5 off $15 coupon. Today, I used it to by 3 Pampers wipes that were on clearance, and 4 bottles of Windex multi-surface. After all coupons, I paid $3.33 and $5 ECB for next time and a coupon for a free dove chocolate bar. Great day at CVS 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I had a great day also! I bought a power bar- paid my $.99 and got my $.99 ECB and $5/$15. I bought 4 windexes, bag of dove chocolate, another power bar and a 12 pack of cvs toilet paper and used $7 ecb to pay- paid $1.56 oop and got back $6 ECB! What a great week at CVS! I think my receipt said I saved $41!!

  • Kelly Ringgold

    Funny, I actually stopped at CVS super quick to get a birthday card on my way to a party, and I was so excited to get my $5 off $15 – I think my husband is pretty certain I’ve lost my mind! lol.

    Then today at the coupon machine I scored another $2.00 ECB coupon! Sweet!

  • I stopped in tonight to do my weekly coupon shopping. When I scanned my card I got a $3 off a box of Huggies coupon, and when I checked out I got the $5 off $15 plus $11.98 in ECB (ProGlide razor, L’Oreal Everstrong, 2 power bars). Also used one of the B1G1 P&G coupons to pick up two free bottles of Gillette body wash. Not a bad trip at all!

    Now I have to figure out what else I need so I can go back and use the $5 coupon by 6/10!

  • CJ

    Finally some good deals at CVS and due to life interfering, I cant get to CVS anytime soon. I hate that!

  • steph

    monday morning i bought a power bar thanks to this post, and i got the 5 off of 15 coupon. today i scanned my card and got a 2 ecb.
    i got the cereal, razor, skinny cow, and 2 more power bars. after coupons and ecbs it was practically free. and the $2 ecb was just free money, i used it towards some saline.