CVS: Pampers, Huggies, CVS Diapers Up To 90% Off!

Reader Kaisa has reported that she found the Pampers Cruisers on sale at her CVS for 90% off making them only $1.79.  Jacklyn found the CVS diapers at 75% off.   There are also reports from Charlene that Huggies Mega Packs were down to $4.49.  Use the $3/1 Huggies coupon to score them for only $1.49.  Now, clearance prices vary by store but it seems like there will most likely be some diapers or wipes at low clearance prices at most stores so this might actually be worth a trip to check it out.  And don’t wait because I’m sure these will sell out quickly.

Let us know what you find at your store.

(Thanks Kaisa, Jacklyn & Charlene!)

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  • nicole

    Not at my CVS in Georgia (Atlanta)

  • audra wilder

    I went – diapers were sold out but I did find tons of other baby stuff! They had the Nuby straw sippy cups for $1.49 from $5.99 – Good Start Gentle Formula for $2.89 a can!!!! I also got some HUggies Body wash for $0.97 – a temple thermometer for $8.74 from $37. For myself they had the Infiniti Conair hair straightener for $12.49 from $50….way too much out of pocket but I splurged! Going to another CVS on lunch today.

  • Rachel

    I cannot tell you how excited I am!!!!!!! At my CVS (northern NJ) there were varying diapers and wipes at 50% or 75% off, no 90%. BUT, the BEST part is….. they had CVS brand diapers on sale for 75% off, bringing them down to $2.37… AND IT STILL PRINTED THE $2 ECB advertised for the non-clearance items!!! $0.37 for diapers!! wow! I am definitely going back tomorrow for some more! I hope they are still there!! I was already out of the store when I realized there were ECB on the end of my receipt.

  • We stopped at three CVS locations today. All of the Huggies or Pampers at 75% off were sold out. CVS diapers were super-cheap (75% off, I think).

    At the last CVS we visited, I found that a lot of the CVS and Aveeno baby products were also 75% off. The Aveeno products were sold out, but we got tubs of CVS diaper rash ointment and tubes of CVS “Compare to Aquaphor” cream at 75% off. The CVS baby oil was also 75% off.

  • Shannon

    Diapers here were all gone…but Aveeno wasn’t!!!! I got 3 bottles of the wash and 2 (big) bottles of the lotion for just over $5!!!!! I get excited when each one goes on sale for $5!….the signs said 50% but I scanned them and they were actually 75% off!!!!…..

  • jaclyn

    got some Huggies today- only had one $3.00 coupon so I got one package for under a dollar and another package for about $3.00. The size 5 and 6s were 75% off and the smaller sizes were 50% off.

  • Rachel

    I am a little bummed that when I went back for round 2 today, the CVS clearance diapers were no longer printing ECB. I used my ECB to pay part of my total, so when none printed, it left me empty handed!! I hate not having ECB to roll! but I still scored 6 packs of diapers for $9 and change… cant really beat that!

  • christina mathers

    I went to my cvs in Dover, De and bought the cvs brand diapers on clearance but they didn’t print the ecb’s. They did have cvs and pampers wipes on clearance though.

  • Katrina

    Where did they have the diapers on clearance for 90% off? I visited several cvs stores and the best I saw was 75%. still a great deal but I’m just curious. 🙂

  • kelly

    Yeah, i found a few Huggies (but no pampers) & CVS brand for 75%, but they were all size 3. We need a 6.

  • kasia

    in Hillsborough ,NJ .They had a clearance shelve 90% off.Every day they were adding 3 x jumbo pampers cruisers.They don’t have it any more but I bought 9 packs yup y!! 3 days-3 packs a day,I was lucky because ever day I checked the diapers were there-3 packs every day:)1.79 each:)

  • Jamerri

    All three of the products are my science expieriment and itis a good thing they are on sale.