F.A.Q: Saving On Printer Ink

Today’s Frequently Asked Question is from reader Maryann.  She says that she goes through a lot of ink in her printer.

Saving money at the grocery store does come with an expense.  Whether it’s buying extra newspapers here or there, using a little extra gas to drive to a store with a better deal or even using more ink to print coupons.  But, the amount we save far outweighs the amount we have to spend in order for us  to save.  I like to think of it as an investment.  I figure (roughly) that I spend about $8 – $10 per week on inserts, ink and extra gas but I save almost $200 per week in groceries (compared to the amount I used to spend before couponing).  I’d say that the $8 – $10 a week investment is worth it.

Now, a good business person would sit down and figure out how to reduce those expenses even more.  And that is just what reader Maryann is trying to do.    So here is this week’s F.A.Q:

I have to replace my ink cartridge about every 2 weeks. What are some tips for saving on printing costs.

How do you save on your printing costs?  Is it a particular printer that is better?  Do you buy generic ink or have them refilled?  Let us know your money saving secrets for low cost printing.

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