F.A.Qs: How Do You Get Your Inserts Each Week?

Each day I get so many questions about coupons, shopping, stockpiling. I love answering your questions but sometimes I just don’t have all the answers. Or sometimes my way is not the only way or the best way. So, every now and then I will post a question that seems to come up often and let you guys answer. So, our first F.A.Q is:

From Reader Misha:

“How do you get your inserts each week without spending a lot of money. I’ve been spending around $10 a week on newspapers. I’m saving a lot more so it’s worth it but I would like to see if you have another way to get your inserts that will cost less money”

Great question Misha.  Let Misha know any creative or inexpensive ways you get your inserts each weekend.

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