F.A.Qs: How Do You Get Your Inserts Each Week?

Each day I get so many questions about coupons, shopping, stockpiling. I love answering your questions but sometimes I just don’t have all the answers. Or sometimes my way is not the only way or the best way. So, every now and then I will post a question that seems to come up often and let you guys answer. So, our first F.A.Q is:

From Reader Misha:

“How do you get your inserts each week without spending a lot of money. I’ve been spending around $10 a week on newspapers. I’m saving a lot more so it’s worth it but I would like to see if you have another way to get your inserts that will cost less money”

Great question Misha.  Let Misha know any creative or inexpensive ways you get your inserts each weekend.

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  • JoanieS

    I have a friend who manages a paper route. When they have returns, she just has to send back the front page. She keeps all the inserts and gives them to me!

  • Laura

    I don’t have an insider’s deal, but The Dollar Tree is the cheapest place I know of.

    • Barb


      Dollar tree sells news papers???????????

      • Stephanie

        Dollar Tree Sells only the Sunday newspaper. At a regular price of $1.75 (in near Philly), its nice to get the paper for $1 each!

        • shirley

          I did this for the first time. I bought 10 papers @ $1 a piece. WooHoo!!

  • Stacey

    @ Nic, I hope your neighbors are aware your taking their inserts… otherwise it is extremely dishonest and very rude.

    • Cindy

      @Stacey, Stacey I deleted it. Oh boy, not what I was looking for LOL

  • colleen

    Dollar tree near me has them for $1.00 each rather than 2.00 each

  • Stacey

    I purchase extra newspapers, depending on the coupons in them determines how many extra I purchase. I also participate in coupon trains and local coupon swaps with friends.

  • Hara

    Like Joanie’s friend – the convenience stores do the same, so they always have extra inserts available the next morning. I sometimes ask the manager if I can have some that she/he might not need.

  • Dawn

    My mom lives in a senior complex. She told her neighbor ladies that she gives her coupon inserts to me, and almost every day she’s got coupon inserts laying on her doorstep! And best of all, most of the coupons haven’t even been cut out!

  • Meg

    I put the word out to my friend and my MIL who get the paper delivered. They don’t use theirs so they give them to me.

  • I buy fewer papers than I did, now that the Philly Inquirer doesn’t include RedPlum anymore (which stinks out loud). We do get one RP a week delivered to our house with all the local circulars, so I get one from my neighbor, and two from my mom.

    If it’s a REALLY good week, I buy extra inserts from a service, but that does get cost prohibitive sometimes. Mostly, I order the Qs I want from clipping services and eBay.

    • Janelle

      @QponCutie, The Bucks County Courier has the Red Plum and more coupons than the Inquirer. I used to buy one of each and when I noticed how many more I get from the Courier than the Inquirer, I stopped buying the Courier.

      • @Janelle,

        Thanks! I’m not too far from Bucks County, I’m in NE Philly. I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on the Courier without having to drive super far…

        • Stephanie

          The Courier Post (out of Camden Co, NJ) and the Burlington Co Times also have more coupons than the Inquirer. For those who live North of Rt 1 in NJ, the Start Ledger usually has some awesome coupons!

  • laura

    I get mine at Walgreens every saturday. I go in the morning to ensure they have a good amount. How many I get depends on how good the inserts are each week-our local paper always has the Red Plum so I don’t have to go hunting around or buying the expensive city papers. I usually pay 75 cents per paper and I pay for them with Register rewards leftover from the week. The most OOP I’ve spent on paper was this week i got 10 papers (for the P&G coupons!) and after using RR’s paid 2.50 🙂

  • Lisa

    I have a few ways.. I get 2 papers delivered each week. if the inserts are great I will buy more. I have a neighbor who gives me what they have left after they cut. I have 2 coupon buddies…we have different things we always need and we just send each other envies of what they have they we don’t use.
    If they is one I need a ton of I get them off of ebay…

  • JoAnn

    The Dollar store. Get 4 paper each week and I get extras from neighbors and my Mom.

  • Kate

    My grandma’s senior complex has stacks of newspapers. I round up a few couponing friends of mine and we dig through them searching for glossies. Best part is, the newspaper stacks are more organized when we leave then when we got there. Then we cut them up and look through them together. We have a great club going!

  • Stephanie

    I only buy newspapers on the weeks where there are circulars, and I only buy the newspaper at Dollar Tree! Our local Sunday paper is $1.75, so instead I get 2 papers for $2. On the weeks where the ads are especially good, I pick up 3 or 4 papers (I have 2 kids in diapers so the P&G weeks I stock up on papers).

    My mom & MIL also give me their inserts, and I trade coupons with friends. Add that to the savings I find online, and I save big each week!

  • Anonymous

    We have a Thursday/Sunday subscription to the Star Ledger. You can’t get the Sunday without the Thursday. That’s ok though because the Thursday one often has coupon insert. Sometimes i think they are putting one in on Thursday and the others on Sunday

  • Jenny

    I have an older man who lives across the street from me. He gets 2 papers delivered each week and does not use the coupons. He puts them in my mailbox for me every sunday!! I also trade inserts with my friends, so we can get more of the coupons we want.

  • Frieda

    Sad to say I have witnessed people actually going thru the newspapers and getting the inserts out right in the store — in front of people that work there! I consider that stealing — gives a bad name to other couponers! A few times, before witnessing that, I came home and there were insersts missing! Now I know why — Very frustrating! I try to get mine at a newspapers stands where people cannot mess with them!

    • Stephanie

      @Frieda, I understand your frustration! I now flip through the papers counting the number of inserts to make sure they are all there. I hate how dishonest some people are!

  • Valerie

    My local supermarket always has a stack of P&G inserts on the counter next to their weekly sales flyer.. But you have to get there the first day or they are gone.

  • Lynda

    There is a big paper recylce bin in front of the local schools. On Monday evening I go there and check out if there are any newspapers from the weekend. You usually can get a bunch that way.

  • Janelle

    I buy 2 papers and then my MIL and 3 of my friends will give me their leftovers. They aren’t serious couponers yet so there are lots of coupons left for me. The ones I won’t use I put into envelopes seperated by month and let anyone interested go through and take what they want. Since I started doing this, more people at work will bring in their leftover coupons if they get a paper.

  • Rachel

    there is a restaurant near me that has left over papers on Monday for free. Its about a 20 minute drive each way, but so worth it. They usually have 20+ papers, so I dont feel guilty when I take 6. Its simply the cost of gas it takes me to get there..maybe $2. then I skip all the work that comes with coupon trading

  • Andrea

    I buy papers with ECBs at CVS or RRs at Walgreens. I also swap with family & friends.

  • GJ

    I live in a large apartment building and each floor has paper recycling bins. On Sat and Sun nights i do a quick check of the recycle bins on each floor and I tend to get 5-10 sets of coupons each week. People in Manhattan aren’t very big on using coupons so I luck out.

  • Nikki

    Just curious, I also buy the philadelphia enq. on Sat and get the inserts/ads, does the Sunday paper carry the same inserts/ads as well or is the paper I buy on Saturday considered the sunday paper…sorry if that was confusing

  • redplum says it cannot deliver to my mailbox is this correct i have people at work save them and i buy from wawa usually im trying to go to the dollar tree next week

  • Anonymous

    I just started getting the paper delivered and when the courier called I said I would only sign up if they sent me two Sunday papers…..they paused a moment and then agreed! So I get two delivered and if there are really good inserts I hit the dollar store up for an extra one or two.

  • GJ

    I tried something new yesterday since the P&G inserts only come in the New York Post and most of us in my bldg read the Times. I had my husband go to the tobacco store he usually purchases his financial papers from at 11 pm and ask if they would be willing to give him some of the extra P&G inserts if he purchased a Post. They gave him 4 extra! Definitely worth a try at your local establishments if all they’re going to do is throw them away.

  • Eileen

    I told people that my resolution was to spend less at the grocery store this year and they offered me their leftover coupons. I get about 6 sets of coupons each week and hardly any coupons are gone from them. Sometimes I also pick them up from the recycling bins if I’m out on recycling night.

  • Crystal

    I live in an apartment complex with a recycling shed. It’s a gold mine!!! All those coupons are going to be recycled!!!! What a shame! I save them from that fate and they save me tons of money!

  • Stephanie

    My newspapers are only $1.50 no matter where you go. $1 at Dollar stores 🙂 If I know someone who wants the paper but no inserts I sell the paper to them for .75. I collect change from my car and pockets put it in a jar and use that to pay for my papers in self check out. To me its like “extra” money bc its already missing. For example this week I bought 14 papers, got $9 off just from car change, my mom bought 4 off of me and she uses coupons to, but we swap coupons so in all I paid $6 for 14 papers this week 🙂 Good deal! I usually try to find mm items at Wags and use those to buy my papers so Im not using my money. I called my local paper to ask what happens to inserts and they said I can come buy them up til Friday and then they destroy them 🙁 can’t even dumpster dive