Free Charcoal Alternative Flame Disk

Okay, this is an interesting freebie.  It’s a charcoal alternative Flame Disk.  And, they are giving you a free one to try.  Just head over here to get your coupon. The will send you an email with a link to the coupon.  You can find the product at Target, Home Depot & more.

Now, we have a charcoal grill and we love it for the charcoal flavor so I’m not so sure about this but I’ll certainly give it a try.  But, this would be great if you were camping or tailgating and didn’t want to deal with the mess of charcoal.

Has anyone ever tried these?

(Thanks Charlene!)

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  • erika

    Hi, I’ve tried one of these, it was pretty cool, it was super easy to light, and cooked great but each disk only last about an hour, who wants to keep having to light a disk if you throwing a bbq for a couple hours???

    • Maria D.

      Just wondering where you purchased it. I was at Target this evening and couldn’t find it.

      • erika

        @Maria D.,
        I purchased a grill @ home depot, and this was inside the box. (it was a nice lil surprise )

        • Maria

          @erika, Thank you. I will try looking for it there. Target didn’t have it.

      • Shannon

        @Maria D.,

        I just got mine at Target. They were in boxes on the shelves right above charcoal. They are bigger than I thought (like the size of a round cake pan, just not as tall), so you may have missed them…Good Luck!

        • Shannon


          Oops that was supposed to be for Erika…

          • Maria

            @Shannon, Nope you replied to the correct person. thanks for the info. I’ll look where they sell the charcoal.

  • Barbara A


  • Sandy

    11:14 pm – just signed up and coupon emailed to me!

    Coupon expires 7/29/10