Kidelicious: $25 In Free Food With Survey

This is definetly planning ahead.  But, it could wind up to be a great deal and will only take a couple of minutes now.

There is a new website that will be launching in January 2011 called Kidelicious.  I received an email from them so that I could let you guys know that you can get $25 off your first purchase on their new site when it launches.  Here is the email I received:

We are in the process of launching Kidelicious – the largest online kids’ food store where you can shop for all the major brands plus a wide range of hard to find items and healthier options.  We are offering your readers $25 worth of free food on their first order at, slated to open January, 2011, just for filling out our survey at

Once you complete the survey you will receive a promotion code in your email.  Print it out and stick it in your coupon binder for safe keeping.

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