LRWC House Tour: The Family Room

Yesterday I started the first room of the LRWC House tour.  You got to see the Kitchen.  Today I’d like to invite you into the Family Room.  And, like most family rooms, this room gets a lot of use.  It’s where we hang out, watch tv, eat pizza, have family parties, take naps, work on my blog and just about everything.  So, those pillows that are so neatly sitting on the couch in this picture are usually on the floor or piled up to make a comfy back pillow.  But when no one is in it, which doesn’t happen too often,  it looks like this.  Here is a little background on our budget room redo:

Furniture:  The couches, lounger, coffee table & side table were all purchased as floor models from a store that was going out of business.  As a matter of fact, I had to go to 3 different stores (it was a chain) to find both tables.  Now, a little story on this.  We had been married for 20 years with the same couch & loveseat so I was in desperate need of new furniture.  I had been saving for a leather couch and loveseat set for quite a while.  But then this store was going out of business and I was able to get a couch, loveseat, lounger, 2 tables, dining room table & breakfront for slightly more then I had saved for the leather couch and loveseat.  So, here again, I wound up with something different then what I had set out for but altered my plans due to a great deal.  And, I’m thrilled with it.  Except maybe the lounger.  I love the lounger but there must be something wrong with it.  You see when my husband sits in it he instantly falls asleep.  So I’m thinking there must be a problem with the chair.  Anyone else have this problem 🙂

The chair on the left was a damaged piece at Marshalls.  I was able to get 20% off because the wood was damaged but I touched it up and for $150 I have a sweet chair.  There are 3 other tables that were all picked up at garage sales for next to nothing.

Drapery: All the fabric was purchased at a discount mill.  I don’t remember the exact dollar amount but it was probably around $200 in fabric & trim.  And, a small tidbit you probably don’t know about me, I used to work at a drapery workroom.  So, I’m quite handy with the sewing machine.

Lighting & Accessories: The fan was a gift that we purchased with a gift card at Home Depot.  The rest of the lights and accessories where either purchased at Marshalls or at garage sales.

Trim: My husband and I with the help of my brother but up all the trim.  Another back breaking adventure I might add.  Not wanting to do that again any time soon.

And that is the end of our Family Room tour.  I saved for about 5 years for all of this so when you save that long, you really appreciate it that much more.

I hope you enjoyed the second room on the tour.  Tomorrow we’ll visit the dining room.

Have you been saving for a special house project?

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  • rosanne

    I love it! Custom window treatments MAKE a room. I think one of the most frugal purchases a person can make is a sewing machine. You did a great job. Imagine how much you would have spent for the drapes if you went to a workroom. I am always saving for a special house project. As soon as one is completed, my mind goes to the next. Right now I am dreaming of a fence. Oh well, it keeps me out of dress shops.

  • Purvi

    Cindy, its looks great! I can probably take some inspiration. My husband and I have been looking for a new house near parsipanny area where he works. We did not know until now that house buying could a stressful project. far have not found anythinig we really like but can’t wait to have our own house and decorate it in my own ways. I remember you said you live in Rockway. Do you think we can find anything good around 450,000 in rockway area? Actually we have few friends there and I love shopping at their mall.

    • Cindy

      @Purvi, I actually live in Livingston but I grew up in Rockaway. I think you will be able to find a nice house. There is also Denville, Morris Plains, Boonton, Montville. All great towns.

  • CJ

    Beautiful living room, I live the colors! I wish mine looked like that! I have no interior decorating skills and my furniture is all hand me downs and/or over 10 years old.

    • Cindy

      @CJ, That is how I was for many many years. Once I hit 20 years of being married I thought it was time for some new stuff.

  • rosanne

    I love these posts. They are a great example of living rich with coupons. Not only do coupons enable you to have the extra $ for the things you want, they also teach you a couple things about buying anything. Have patience-you might have a coupon but if you cant stack it with a deal its not great. And then, strike while the iron is hot. When you have the deal- run with it. Maybe to three different stores to score it 🙂 Living with a nice environment feeds your soul the way good food feeds your belly!!

  • EgyptLyn

    I also love this idea of your house tour. And I really love that you “recycled” so much into so much more! My Nanny always said “One mans trash is another man’s treasure” so as you can guess, we are a “recycling” family from way back!(There’s lessons to be learned from our Depression Era Grandfolks) I live in a converted small Bungalow at the Jersey Shore where each owner added on. I would love to add on a front porch so I can “live” on it in the summer, and a bigger kitchen area as I don’t have a laundry or mud room and everytime we do laundry, our small kitchen is a mess of laundry,baskets,and the usual kitchen items all in a shambles!