LRWC House Tour: The Kitchen

Well I thought it would be fun to do a LRWC house tour.  A tour of my house!  Showing you my frugal decorating finds.

You all know that I love to garden but I also love to decorate and I L-O-V-E to do it on a budget.  So, if you are all like me and like to peek in other peoples homes you are in for a treat.  And you don’t even need to use the excuse of walking the dog at night to see if  you can peer into peoples living rooms while the dog stops to do his business.  Oh come on, we all to it 🙂

So, the first room on the tour is my kitchen.  And the story with my kitchen is that we gutted it ourselves, tore down walls, put in new cabinets, tiled the floor & more.

Cabinets & Appliances: The cabinets are actually plain raised panel stock cabinets and we used a basic white formica countertop.  That is something I would love to replace but it’s just not in the budget right now.  But, I do like the clean look of it.  As time went on, we are talking 15 years, we replaced our appliances with stainless steel one at a time. I always bought appliances that were being discounted or floor sample models.   The only appliance left to replace is the dishwasher.

Flooring: The tile were discontinued tiles that I got for half price.  I had to buy a little more then I needed to score the deal but it was still a lot cheaper in the end.  And we laid the whole floor ourselves.  That was a back breaker.

Furniture: Every few years we would make some changes or improvements like one year we changed all the hardware on the cabinets, another year we put in a bead board back splash & crown molding on the top of the cabinets, and my biggest splurge, that I saved and saved for, was my “antique” kitchen table.  I had my eye on this table for a few years and because it acts, not only as a table but also as an island, I was more particular as to what I was getting.  I also needed something that could take a beating and this one has done just that.  I saved money by using the chairs we have had for almost 25 years. I did buy a bench, which is on the stove side, so I could easily work at the table while cooking without having to bump into the table.  That purchase came 2 years after the purchase of the table.

Lighting & Accessories: My light fixtures were all clearance fixtures that I found either at a local lighting store or Home Depot.  The tiffany style light fixture over the table I found for $25 at a garage sale.  It was not exactly what I was going for at first but I couldn’t resist the price.  And, I actually love it there.   The lights over the breakfast bar I got for $10 each because the hanging bar was all beat up.  A little paint fixed that and they look great.    My accessories are all either from Marshalls (best place for cheap accessories) or garage sales.

Sometimes I fall in love with something and it wasn’t even the direction I was going.  Which is part of the reason I love to shop for bargains.  It makes it so fun to see what you can put together.

Tomorrow’s Room: The Family Room!

Do you have any great money saving kitchen decorating idea?

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  • Crystal

    I have bought neat plates at yard sales and made a neat design on a wall in my kitchen with them.

  • Jennifer

    I love the white on white look of the kitchen. Might I be nosy and ask how much you paid for your refrigerator, because I KNOW you got a bargain!?

    • Cindy

      @Jennifer, I had to go dig up my receipt but I found it. I paid $550 for it. It is a smaller model (22″) because I had a tight space. It wasn’t the one I wanted but this one was a floor model and it had damage on the right side. Since the right side is completely up against a wall, it did not matter to me. So, I was able to get it for a great price. These went for around $950 back when I bought it about 5 years ago.

  • rosanne

    Thanks for sharing pics. I really like your kitchen. So nice and neat-is that always or just for the camera? I think that is one of the best frugal decorating things someone can do-use a little elbow grease and soap and water. Also a can of paint tends to always cost the same regardless of the color. Choosing the right color can sometimes be a mind bending experience, but when it is right, it can really make a room special. About 5 years ago, I had a wall taken down to enlarge my kitchen. I was able to find the same cabinets as the existing ones, and added another wall of cabinetry without having to buy all new. Luckily, most of my appliances started dying at the same time, so I was able to go for all stainless in one fell swoop. I didnt break them on purpose. Honest. Now excuse me while I go wash and dry a load of bricks.

    • Cindy

      @rosanne, When my kids are all home it’s never so nice and neat. We all know how that is 🙂 Choosing the right color is a mind bending and back breaking experience. Just ask my husband. I’ve made more “color” mistakes then I care to admit to. Have fun with your bricks 🙂

  • Patti

    Nice job!!!

  • Jennifer F.

    Looks great! and little painting tip, Lowe’s offers (oops) paints for $5 a can! and I have moved to many fixer uppers, and painted every room in every house I lived in, for $5 a room! Now you may need to run to a couple of different Lowe’s to find the right color, but somehow it always appears 🙂 Valspar is my favorite, one coat and your good to go.. no need for a 2nd coat…just a little tip I would like to share.

  • annmarie

    Thanks for sharing! You’re right…I do love to see how others decorate their homes…and LOVE when it’s on a budget!

  • Thank you for the tour, your kitchen looks like it cost A LOT more to put together!

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