Medco Health Store: $10 Off Any Purchase – Now Open To The Public!

It’s back again! The $10 off any purchase is back again.  But, wait…awesome news.  Now, you don’t have to be a Medco member to shop.  Woohoo!  Just head on over to the  Medco Health Store. They have a $10 off any purchase coupon and there is only $.99 shipping. And you don’t have to spend $10, if you spend $9.50 the coupon will still work and you’ll just pay shipping of $0.99.  This is for new customers only.

They have diapers, wipes, vitamins, toothpaste, allergy & pain medicine and so much more. So hurry and click on over and score an awesome deal. Use coupon code: FIRST10

Update:  I just scored a huge 1750 pack of Q-Tips for $1.98 shipped!!

Let us know what you scored!

(Thanks SD!)

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  • Emily T.

    Awesome, thanks!

    • Emily T.

      Oh, and I got my Lansinoh breast pads, which rarely go on sale, and a Munchkin mesh feeder for when my son can eat solids!

  • Jane

    Thanks! I got a bottle of Redken conditioner I’ve been eyeing for awhile 🙂

  • shirley

    I was a copycat and ordered the Q-Tips too!! Thanks for posting such a great deal.

  • Reesa L.

    I got some Cetaphil Face Soap!

  • I couldn’t create an acct for myself but I was able to make one for my DH…strange. :/ Anyway, I was able to get some gummy vitamins for my daughter, 3 packages of cotton pads and 4 ChapSticks for $3.21 shipped.

    I then did a separate order for a Born Free 5oz glass baby bottle, used code TENOFF and paid only $.99!! YAY!! 🙂

  • Diane

    Thanks! I was able to get Refresh Eye Drops for Mom for $4.26 with tax and shipping. Medco listed them at $12.99 for one bottle. Without the occasional coupon for these, I normally pay $17.99 for two bottles at BJ’s. Thanks Again!

  • Jen

    Dead now???

    • Cindy

      @Jen, try TENOFF see if that works

  • Stephanie

    Thanks for sharing this! I got 4 boxes of Mum-Mums for my daughter. They are usually $3.49/box at my store, and through this promo I got all 4 boxes for only 99 cents shipping!

  • Melissa B

    Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Training Pants, 2T-3T – 29 ea

    For 1.98 Shipped !!!! Cheap Cheap! The best thing is these are probably going to be the last ones I buy. He is 97% potty trained we only use them at night 🙂

  • Jenny

    worked great.. got a huge bottle of fish oil for 2.68 shipped!!

  • Purvi

    Thanks a lot Cindy. Just paid .99 cents for shipping and got covergirl smoother and eyelash curler. These are some of the things I wanted to try but never bought them. You are simply awesome for bringing us such a great deal!

  • Jenna

    Thank you!! I did 2 separate orders using both codes. On one, I got a $10 mascara that I’ve been wanting to try, and on the other I got lots of gummy vitamins for my daughter!

  • Darla

    I got a set of 4 Oral B toothbrushes and a tube of toothpaste for $.99.
    Thanks for letting me know about this one..



  • lisa

    I got 3 boxes of Swiffer refills (80 sheets total) for $11.24 ($20.25 + 0.99 shipping, before the coupon code) and I will submit the printed order detail (receipt) witht the form to get the $10 mail-in rebate/rewards card, in effect getting all of it for $1.24! Thanks for the Medco tip!!

  • lisa

    Hey, I saw that someone just did 2 separate orders using the different codes and I gave it a try – it worked. For my second order I got an 8-pack of Dove bar soaps ($11.99) for only $2.98! GREAT! In total I’ve spent $3.22 on stuff worth $32.24 — things I was going to buy in the store but now I’m all stocked up on for quite some time. Thanks again!

  • Rebecca

    I just ordered 13 chapsticks and a bag of dog bones! I think I will be set now!

  • Melissa

    I just used both codes and got a large bottle of Gummy Vitamins and Facial Lotion for just the cost of shipping and tax!! Great Deal…Thanks

  • francine

    Thanks ! I scored some Migrelief for my daughter ($10 total w/shipping); it usually runs $18+ a bottle. It’s a natural headache medicine recommended by her doc. She goes through a bottle a month.

  • It won’t let me register at this time, please try back later. 🙁 Thanks anyway!

  • Took the ‘ out of my last name and registration worked, now neither code is working. 🙁

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    I purchased a box of playtex drop-in liners and a package of 2 silicone nipples for $3.77. That’s equivalent to buying the nipples at a discount and getting a free box of liners.