Stationary: $20 Off Any Order +$3.95 Shipping

You can score a $20 off any purchase at Minted.  To get the $20 credit you just need to head over here and register. You will then receive a $20 coupon code via email.   This is a one time use code and good on your first purchase of any amount.  There is a shipping fee of $3.95.

Now what can you score for a deal?   There are these super cool Skinny Wrap Personalized Address Labels’  At first I was like, what the heck are these.  But then I realized that they actually wrap around the envelope.  How cool is that?  And they are priced at $18 for 25 label wraps so Free with that $20 coupon code you will get when you register. There are also invitations, stationary, announcement cards and more but these are priced higher then $20. You can head over here to check it out.

And wait, even more good news, you can also score 5% back through Ebates and an additional $5.00 if you are new to Ebates.  So if you are new to Ebates your deals can look like this.

Buy 25 Skinny Wrap Labels $18
-$20 when you register
Pay: $0 + $3.95 shipping
-$5.00 (new to Ebates)
free + $3.95 shipping


Buy 50 Skinny Wrap Labels $28
-$20.00 when you register
Pay: $8.00 + $3.95 Shipping
-$0.40 (5% of $8.00)
-$5.00 (new to Ebates)
$2.60 + $3.95 Shipping

(Thanks Jenna!)

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