My Life Outside Of Coupons – Sort Of

Oh to be young again.  This is how I spent my evening.  Part 1 of a busy graduation weekend.  Tonight is the prom.  The boy is mine.  My handsome son Patrick.  And his girlfriend is quite pretty too 🙂  Make a cute couple, don’t ya think?  Yes, I do have a life beside hunting down coupons.  I bet you didn’t think that was possible.

Now, don’t think I wasn’t scheming up the next good deal.  I did stop at ShopRite on the way home and picked up next weeks circular.  Oh boy, it’s a doozy.  There is a huge Kraft/GM/Unilever promotion starting on Sunday.  Details coming soon.

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  • Purvi

    I am glad to see this beautiful part of your life. Thanks for sharing with us. I do think your son and his girlfriend make cute couple. Good luck to them. I love reading your blog.

    • Susan Z

      Lovely, very handsome boy, Cindy! They make a nice couple, congrats!!

  • Pat

    Cute very cute! Wish I were young again too! Very sad I didn’t save all of my freebie Kraft First Taste coupons for next week, darn.

  • Denise

    Handsome young man!! Love the name Patrick – I have a Patrick also. Congratulations – you should be proud.

  • Lexy

    Such a great looking couple Cindy, congratulations on the graduation and such a special moment for your family!

    Pat… ROFL… I just said the SAME thing this evening!!

  • Susan

    OH to be young and free again! Thank you for sharing this wonderful part of your life with us. Your son and his girlfriend is an adorable couple. Congratulations Cindy!

  • JoanieS


  • ronni

    These are the moments that take your breath away. Take the time you need to enjoy! He looks so handsome and yes they do make a great looking couple. Best wishes to your son – may his future always be as bright has his smile!

  • Morgan

    He’s gorgeous! And I’m a happily married 29 year old with three babies, is it creepy that I said that? lol…I love his gf’s dress too, they look great 🙂

  • staceypunk

    Nice tux! He looks great! Thanks for sharing. So should I save my Kraft dressing coupons (I only have (3) .55/1 so I’d be paying .56 each if I buy them this week at shoprite?

    • Cindy

      You can save it. I just don’t know what the price will be. It’s not listed in the circular but it will be part of the new promo & catalina.

  • Emily

    Ok beautiful – seriously thank you for sharing but I have to ask – were you able to get him to rent the tux with a coupon? What about the flowers – was that another of your brilliant deals? I HAVE to know!! I really hope it was – I got mad at my husband recently when he rented a tux without checking with me first – I, of course, had a coupon stashed away for it.

    • Cindy

      Well, I’ll tell you a secret on the tux. I only had to get the vest & tie…hehe. He owns a tux because he works for a catering hall on the weekends and has to wear a tux. I did have a coupon for the flowers but it was only for $2.00 off. It was in one of our local coupon books so no great savings there.

  • rosanne

    What a great looking couple!! I got the ShopRite circular delivered today. I saw that huge deal with all the fine print that goes with it . I put the paper down and thought, “Thank goodness Cindy will tell me what to do.”

  • Maria

    Cindy thanks for sharing. What a beautiful picture.

  • michelle


  • Stephanie

    They look like celebs in the pose 🙂 Cute picture and couple!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing! Very nice looking couple!

  • Emmy

    Thanks so much for posting the “other” side of your life…lol. Truly a lovely picture and your son is a fine looking young man~ You must be so proud!! Thanks again for taking the time to share!

  • Lori

    I agree…he’s adorable…I have 3 daughters who would also think he’s gorgeous!

  • kathy

    They look like Hollywood! Have a wonderful weekend with all of your festivities!

  • Cindy

    Okay, I couldn’t remember the name of the person that everyone always says Patrick looks like. I just found out. What do you ya think. Close?

  • tracy

    What a special time for you and your family!!

    Question – how do I get next weeks circular ahead of time? I have to wait until the paper is delivered on Saturday. Does Shoprite have them available on Thursday or Friday? Can I get it delivered in the mail?

    • Cindy

      @tracy, They usually have it at the store on Thursday but you have to ask for it at customer service.

  • Anonymous

    what a great looking couple! Prom on a Thursday is no fun though. Do they really get up and go to school on Friday?

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