No Super Saving Shopping Trip – Instead A Party & A Graduation!

Well, I think I can count on one hand over the last year the amount of times I didn’t have a Shopping trip to share with you.  And we can add this week to the list.

I had mentioned during the week that this weekend was going to be a busy one and that is exactly what it was.  Busy, fun, memorable and I enjoyed time with family.  We had the prom on Thursday, a joint graduation party for my daughter (college) and my son (high school) yesterday. And today was the actual high school graduation.

I did make a trip to ShopRite for the Free Kraft Salad Dressing during the week as well as a couple of trips to CVS where I scored the free Skinny Cow ice cream.  But other then that, no shopping.  So, I thought I would introduce you to the rest of my family.  This was taken today after the graduation.  As you can see from the umbrellas, the rain did not hold off but it was still a great day.

On the left is my daughter Megan, that’s me, my son Patrick, my mom, my dad, my daughter Nikki, and my husband Pat.  Obviously my son get’s his height from my husband because the rest of us are just plain short.

And our party:

My Niece Isabella...such a cutie!

My Grandma Anna - She is 94 and she looks great!

The graduates cutting the cake which my daughter Nikki made!

Just chillin, eating and enjoying the beautiful day!

I hope you guys had a great weekend.  How were your shopping trips. Don’t forget, the ShopRite Kraft/GM/Unilever “Give Me Your Best Deal” giveaway is going on. Let us know what you came up with to make this deal great!

And, back to the deals of course….

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  • Congrats!!! what a great party!!!!

  • Denise

    Congratulations – gorgeous family!!!!!!!!!!! You should be proud, thank you for all you do. Glad to see a short one in the family, me too!!

  • Ronni

    It wouldn’t be surprising to see that the lady who helps us all save knows how to put the D and J into Double Joy! How wonderful for all of you. What an exciting time for you and your family. Wishing your children the very best as they begin their journeys into the big sky of opportunity … BTW .. nice job on the cake. I am thrilled for you all!!!! Great looking family pics!

  • rosanne

    Wow! You are hard core! All that going on and, oh yeah, I did manage to score the free salad dressing and ice cream deals. Too funny!! I would have used those few extra minutes for a nap.

  • Lara

    Looks like you had a great time – you must be so proud of your kids! Congratulations! (Oh, and I’m with Rosanne – I would have used the extra time for a nap, too!)

  • Susan Z

    Fabulous, beautiful family and congrats! I can not believe how tall your son is! You deserve all the good things in life!

  • Emmy

    Thanks so much for sharing!! It was GREAT to put a face to all the amazing help this site gives (YOU!). Your family is beautiful~

  • staceypunk

    You have a lovely family. Thanks for sharing!

  • audra wilder

    Congratulations! What a great looking family…one question, it doesn’t look like you are using your FREE solo plates from Shoprite! LOL

    • Cindy

      @audra wilder, LOL, good catch. Used the Solo for dinner and the Chinet ($0.24) for dessert.

  • audra wilder

    LMAO! I feel better now! I didn’t coupon either this weekend – family stuff – I feel like I am behind!

  • Ann Marie

    Congrats! What a busy weekend you had…looks like lots of fun though! Great job on the cakes!
    Just a quick thanks…due to all of your great research and this website, I reduced my Shop Rite bill on Saturday from $88 to $32 (with a $2 catalina to use next time)! That has to be my best trip yet – A 64% savings of $56!!! Thank you for all you do…you are helping so many families!

  • Susan

    Wow, what a great looking family you have! Your daughter looks like she has a real knack for cakes too! Congratulations to all! Thank you for always giving us the great deals – wish we could keep a running tab on how much you’ve saved us! We REALLY appreciate all your hard work!

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