Pathmark: Possible $13 Money Maker On Olay

Update: Confirmed Working On Shelf!!

Reader Mary let me know that the $4/1 Olay Total Effects Body Wash coupon in the P&G insert this weekend makes for Free body wash at Pathmark. But, it’s also part of the P&G gas deal and could wind up to be a huge moneymaker. I have been to 4 Pathmarks & 2 A&Ps so I could test it out but they were all out. And, the A&Ps did not even have a tag for the Olay Total Effects. What I have yet to find out is if this deal is working on shelf price or sale price. I would bet my coupon binder that it is working on shelf price but I can’t tell you 100% at this time. But, here is the deal based on shelf price:

Buy $25 Get a $10 Gas Card or Buy $35 Get a $15 Gas Card.

For the $35:
Buy 4 Olay Total Effects Body Wash ($6.99 shelf) $3.99 each
Buy 2 Aussie Shampoo or conditioner ($3.69 shelf) $2.99

-(4)$4/1 Olay Total Effects Body Wash from the 6/6 PG insert
-(2)$2/1 Aussie from the 5/16 RedPlum insert
Pay: $1.98
Get a $15 Gas Card through Mail In Rebate
free +$13 Moneymaker

For the $25
Buy 4 Olay Total Effects body Wash ($6.99 shelf) $3.99 each
-(4)$4/1 Olay Total Effects Body Wash from the 6/6 PG insert
Pay: $0
Get a $10 Gas Card through Mail In Rebate
free + $10 Moneymaker

Now this next part is a YMMV and will depend on if your store allows you to use a BOGO with a dollar off coupon.

There is also a Buy One Olay Body Wash Get an Ivory Body Wash, Bar Soap, Hand Soap Free in the 6/6 PG insert as well so you may be able to score 4 free Ivory products listed on the coupon.

Please, if anyone finds out if this is working on shelf, let us know.

You can head over here to see the rest of the PG Gas Deal.

Update: Reader Pam send me a photo of her catalina after doing the Olay & Aussie deal above.  So, it is a catalina you are looking for and not printed at the end of the reciept.  Thanks Pam for sending the picture 🙂

(Thanks Mary for the heads up on the coupon!)

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  • vc4563

    Would not the last $4 coupon beep because A&P does not give overage any more?

    • Cindy

      @vc4563, As far as I can see you can not do this deal at A&P. They did not carry the Olay Total Effects Body Wash. Possibly it was just the 2 that I went to. But, they should be adjusting the coupon not giving you overage anyway.

  • vc4563

    Aussie shampoo is not listed in my A&P flyer. I don’t have Pathmark.

  • I can confirm that the gas card deal is working on shelf prices….however, I’ll give you my $15 gas card for your coupon binder!

    I bought 1 box of Pampers Crusiers size 4 100ct. (it was the only item I bought)
    shelf price was $37.99
    sale price $24.77
    used $1.50/1 from 6/6 P&G
    paid $23.27
    got a mail in rebate form for the $15 gas card
    Final total (after gas card) $8.27

    I plan on repeating this and getting the $10 for spending $75 on Pampers (Pathmark’s Baby Program). After the 2 gas card rebates (1 for our family’s beach house-since it’s 1 per household) the final total comes to $6.54 for 200 diapers

    • Cindy

      @Dana, LOL, that made me laugh. I’m not giving up my coupon binder 🙂

      But, I’m soooo excited that it is working on shelf. I knew it must of been!! Thanks so much! Sweet deal on the Pampers. An awesome double dip!!

  • Lyn

    Which A&P’s did you try?

    • Cindy

      @Lyn, Maplewood & Montclair

  • Martine

    I am so glad I got this offer. I had my husband go get me 3 newspapers at 12 am. I went to Pathmark and got the 4 Olay body washes and also got 4 free Ivory body washes with the Buy “Olay body wash get Ivory body wash for free” coupon. I love it.. Thanks so much!!!..

  • Kim

    I just went to my Pathmark (Philadelphia) and the olay deal did not go off of shelf prices 🙁

    • Cindy

      @Kim, Hmm, not sure why others got it and you didn’t. It should be on the bottom of your receipt. It’s not a catalina

      • Kim

        Bummer…but nothing on my reciept

        • Mary

          Kim, guess they don’t like you…

          Hah, before you panic, she’s my sister 😉

  • rosanne

    Hi Cindy. Mine did print as a catalina- not on my receipt. Maybe that is why Kim didn’t get hers-the catalina machine wasn’t working.

    • Cindy

      @rosanne, Ah, maybe. The catalina may not have been printing. The circular says on the receipt. Okay, great thanks. Good to know. Now if only my store would restock. Ugh!

      • Laurie M.

        Same here. They’re all sold out…. I’m just waiting to pounce on this deal! lol

        • Carla D.

          @Laurie M., Mine too! I worm there so I checked everyday. I finally asked one of the girls in customer service and she said that I could use the coupon any of the Olay body washes.. the next highest shelf price was 5.69, so i just added in one more thing!

  • Pam

    I got the P&G Mail-in-form rebate as a catalina too. My bet is that the CAT machine wasn’t working that’s why she didn’t get hers. To Kim~ email Catalina Marketing regarding this. In the past month.. I have 1 CAT that didn’t print and received mine thru the mail in less than 2 weeks.

  • Kim

    Thank you…will do!!! Wish me luck:)

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  • liz

    i got 5 olay today and 1 herbal essences, paid 3.10 with tax & got the cat! thanks for the deal! 🙂

  • Angela

    Quick question, when you say it works off shelf price should I hand over my pathmark card first or last? Could you explain pleaase.

    • Cindy

      @Angela, It doesn’t matter. It will work no matter when you give the card.

  • Angela

    Here a little update. Just got back from Pathmark. It seem as if the P&G catalina is working on every P&G product. I brought 12 tub of pampers wipes on sale for 1.99 used $2Q from P&G and 2 Bounty paper towels for .77 each used $1/2 total $1.89. Catalina printed out $15 gas card. Totally didn’t expect it since I was going for the Olay deal and my Pathmark was sold out of course.

    • ronni

      @Angela, wow – my pathmark only allows me to use 4 coupons per item. did you know at pathmark the free ivory products when you buy the olay is scanning at $3.99 – yet it reads up to $3.00. i have done it several times at 2 different pathmarks. I gives you the overage! Someone else also reported that it was doing it at target also.

  • ronni

    The free ivory product you get when you buy the olay is scanning at Pathmark at $3.99 which is $1 more . the Q reads up to $3. so when you purchase the olay you can get 4 at a time and get your ivory (can be bar soap, liquid hand soap or body wash. ) the body wash is priced over 3.99 and the liquid hand soap is 3.99 for the large and I think there is also a 2.99 size. The bar soap is priced at $2.99 for the 4 size. I have done this several times. i did olay and aussie deal with the ivory soap and the pampers wipes. So 4 olay, 2 aussie products, 4 packs of bar ivory bar soap, and 4 pampers wipes oop was $1.74 plus a $15 certificate for free gas. The tax i owed was more then the oop and was adjusted down to give me my balance. It also does this at target … i read this from someone that posted on another site. At the A&P they are adjusting it down, but at pathmark they are letting it go as it scans.

  • Betty

    Hi Cindy,

    This was my deal today at Pathmark:
    Bought 3 Olay body washes
    7 Pampers Wipes
    used 3 $4.00 Olay Body Wash coupons
    and 7 $2.00 Pampers Wipes.
    All for free:-) With $.10 overage which went towards my $.78 in tax from the body washes… so awesome!! Got my $15.00 gas card catalina for FREE!!!
    Thanks for this post!

  • Nancy

    When does this catalina deal end? Is there still time to go tomorrow 6/11?