9 Super Easy Ways to Save $3400 A Year

Savings money jar full of coins concept for saving or investment for a house, retirement or education

Everyone needs a budget. Everyone! It doesn’t matter if you make $30,000 a year or $300,000 a year. You need a budget. You need to know exactly where your money is going because i you don’t, before you know it, you’ve spend more then you’ve earned and you have no idea where it went. That’s when trouble begins and those dreaded credit cards come out. Because you still need to live, eat, do and if you’ve spent more money then you’ve earned, well, you know what happens next. Charge, charge, charge. And the dreaded cycle begins.

Shortly, I will be showing you how we keep our budget but for now you need to take a long hard look at what you are spending and where it is going. Here are some prelimarly ways to make some cuts in your yearly spending. Once you’ve made some of these cuts you can really sit down and map out a plan. You’ll be shocked at how much you can shave off your budget from some simple changes.

1. Make Your Own Coffee


Cutting out coffee purchases twice a week can save you $6.00. Total yearly savings: $312. Image if you only made your coffee at home. Huge savings!

2. Dry Cleaning


Cut back on the amount you send to the cleaners. Wash & ironing those dress shirts saves around $10 a week or more. Total yearly savings: $520

3. Order Water at Restaurants

glass of water on a table in a restaurant

Soda and alcoholic beverages jack up the price of your restaurant tab pretty quickly. Order water when you are out to eat. Ask for lemon or lime to add a little flavor. Saving for 2 each week is around $4.00. Total yearly savings: $208

4. Brown Bag Lunch


Pack a sandwich, salad. Or grab one of the cheap frozen meals we score. Do that 3 times each week for a savings of around $24 a week. Total yearly savings: $1248

5. ATM Fees


Avoid ATM fees by going direct to your own bank. Or pull out the extra cash you need at the store where there is no fee to do so. Two trips to withdraw money and you’ve emptied your bank account by about $6.00 a week. Total yearly savings: $312

6. Phone Bill & Cable bills


Go over your phone & cable bills. Do you have services on there that you don’t even use. Call waiting, call forwarding, TV stations you hardly watch? We cut a lot out of our bill and saved $25 a month. Total yearly savings: $300

7. Use The Library


Don’t buy books when you’ve got a free resource for any books that you want for FREE. Use your library, it’s free! Total yearly savings: $360 (if you purchased 1-2 books a month)

8.Drink Tap Water

Man fills filter jug with tap water

Forget the water bottles. Buy yourself an nice, reusable, water bottle and fill it with tap water. Add some lemon or lime to add some flavor or throw in some free or cheap Crystal Light. You could easily spend $3.00 a week on bottled water. Total yearly savings: $156


little boy getting his head shaved by barber

If you go every 6 weeks to get your haircut, stretch it out to 8 week. Just by skipping a couple of weeks you reduce the amount of times per year from 8 haircuts to 6. If you spend around $45 per haircut that can really add up. Total yearly savings: $360 (for a family of 4)

Just from these simple changes you can cut out around $3400 a year. Of course every family is different and has different areas that they can cut, this is just something to get you thinking.

Let us know what areas you have or will cut.

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  • Katie

    I already do all of the above…. one you might add is calling around for new auto/home insurance for a better rate.

  • Jen from Philly

    #9 Haircuts.. You could also buy your own clippers, i’ve been cutting my husband hair for years now, and it’s only cost us the $30 for the clippers!

    #7 Library… We just started doing this within the last 6 months and have saved so much because of it! Plus my husband and I make a day out of it, instead of just ordering books on Amazon

    • Anonymous

      buy your own clippers at rite aid next week with v.v coupon from their website -$10 off olnly $14. use $5 off coupon too. cost $10. I’ve been cutting my son’s hair. It is great for kids.

  • Anonymous

    we do all of that. WE don’t even buy coffee to make at home – we drink almost nothing but water as it is always free! Any other ideas from readers? I can’t save from anything on this list sinceI do it already

  • Samantha

    My fiance and I know all about budgeting and saving! We’re trying to save for our wedding in November and we’ve cut every corner possible. What really helped us save money was giving ourselves weekly allowances in cash. It stopped us from overspending and forced us to bring lunch to work if we run out of cash. Also, we learned a nifty trick where whenever we broke a $20 or $10 bill, any $5 bills we got were put in a jar. If we get too lazy and want to go out for dinner or order in, we check the jar to see if we have enough to spend.

    Also, you can find cheap lunches if you go to Pathmark and stop at the “Chicken Bar.” You can get a big piece of fried chicken and a 1/4lb of fries for a little over $2!

    • Cindy

      @Samantha, Awesome stuff Samantha. What a great way to budget and I love that you found creative ways to get cheap lunches!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica

    #6 Cable bill-My husband and I bought a Smart TV and found out there are great options for streaming free tv…news, weather, movie channels. Now we are saving over $600 a year not paying for cable