Sears Rebate = No Gift Card!

Okay I have some bad news for you.  Normally I don’t let deals that don’t work out bother me because I feel we are very fortunate with the many things we get for free  and the unbelievable deals that are put in front of us. However, I don’t like to ever feel like a company is screwing around with us and that is exactly how I feel right now about Sears.

If you remember the deal I posted recently regarding the Buy $50 Get $50 back for men’s apparel and the purchase of a $50 Sears gift card at CVS. Well, apparently, Sears will not honor the $50 rebate if you use a gift card.  I  have just been on the phone with customer service and am waiting for a call back from their legal department and I am not a happy camper.

I was told by a Customer Service manager that the gift cards scan in as coupons and that the rebate excludes the use of coupons therefore making the rebate voided.  Which of course, you will  not find out about until you have submitted your rebate and they have reviewed your receipt.

Last time I checked, a gift card was considered cash and not, in any way shape or form, considered a coupon.  When I asked her how a consumer would understand a coupon as being a gift card, her response was, “I can see how they would not understand it that way”.  Ah, hello, yeah that is exactly what I am saying.  So, my suggestion would be to either return your items and/or get on the phone with Sears and let them know how you feel.  Here is the number:

Sears Customer Service Rebates: 1-800-549-4505 option #5

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  • Jessica

    So, when you buy a gift card, you’re buying a coupon? Interesting. I thought coupons could only have a cash value of like .08 or something. Oh brother!

    • Anonymous

      So they consider the Sears gift Card a coupon? And I thought it was illegal to sell coupons? Hmmmmm .. Maybe CVS might not want to sell Sears Coupons anymore. Lol

      • MaryAnn


  • Victoria

    Wow, that’s absolutely ridiculous!!!

  • Laurie M.

    Well crap! If we return the stuff, will they give us cash? Or another stupid gift card that is considered a coupon? Ugh! I totally feel taken advantage of 🙁

  • Stephanie

    This is exactly why our family has blacklisted sears – no one can explain their coupon policy (if there is any written policy to begin with). They won’t honor manufacturer’s coupons and none of the associates or customer service agents could tell me why, how, or what their policy is with them. I spent countless hours trying to inquire about this and did not get anywhere. They lost our business.

    For years I was buying a kenmore branded PUR refrigerator replacement filter from them for $50 not understanding why they won’t take the manf Qs or Sears Qs for this item. Like an epiphany (more like waking up from a bad dream) I realized these same filters were marketed for maytag and whirlpool (but compatible with kenmore) at HomeDepot and Lowes for $35-$40 where they accept both store and manf Qs. It’s great to now be saving money but I still am sad about the money I “lost” at Sears.

  • Karen

    That’s ridiculous, when you buy a gift card the store doesn’t count it as income, it counts as income when you redeem the gift card. Redeeming a coupon doesn’t count as income.

  • katie

    That is ridiculous. Now I know to never purchase a $50 coupon from Sears… I noticed someone having this problem at Old Navy the other day. The cashier wouldn’t let her use a certian coupon or something if she used her gift certificate…

  • Ruthann

    My receipts are still being processed with sears. But, I called and the guy I talked to thought that there was no way that could be. However, with sears nothing surprises me. Apparently, not everyone there is on the same page. I have no idea why I shop there, 4 out of 5 times it goes badly. From my experience, they have horrible customer service. If my rebate gets rejected I pity the customer service rep. How ridiculous.

  • Ruthann

    I called back and the woman I talked too said this was the case and gave me the number to the legal dept. It’s times like these when I love the better business beauru. Somehow, I don’t think this promotion will help sears any.

    • Cindy

      @Ruthann, Well they are going to get bombarded for sure. It’s just the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. If they know that the gift cards scan as coupons then gift cards should be listed on the rebate. Instead, it just says “Total purchase amount calculated after associates discounts, coupons or promotional offers before taxes”. How in the world would a consumer think that a gift card fits into one of those categories. That is my argument. And the fact that after you have worn and washed the clothes, then you would find out that the rebate is not valid when it’s too late.

      I called legal today and haven’t heard back. I will be calling every hour tomorrow until someone speaks to me.

      • @Cindy,

        Keep us posted, I’m dying to know what happens. And if I should NEVER shop at sears again. I didn’t do the deal but I sure as heck will boycott in solidarity

  • ueen

    I will have my letter to the better business bureau cc sears ready. I do not see any mention in the terms and conditions that we can not use a sears gift card.

    For fifty dollars, I will do what it takes to get it. 😉

  • Melissa B

    I’m kinda glad I didn’t do this deal. However everyone here has valid points 🙂

  • audra

    I too blacklisted Sears for their HORRIBLE customer service. They are rude on the floor….a few weeks ago I had a great deal for the photo studio and I thought, why not…well if I describe it accurately, is was the most aggravating day of my life! I have sworn them off forever…..Cindy I feel your pain! sorry

  • Jessica

    I think it’s interesting that tax is calculated and then the gift card is taken off. Coupons come off before tax is calculated in my state. Also, my receipt states “gift card payment”. They’ll be getting a call for sure!

  • CJ

    While I agree that the run around on this offer isnt right, I had a recent POSITIVE customer service at Sears. My mom ordered a GPS for me through It did not work when it arrived so we returned it to our local Sears store where the value was cheerfully refunded and put back on the gift card that was used to order it. So Sears can do things right sometimes. But I sure wont be using my gift card to do the above deal!

  • Nancy

    What are you to do if the gift card you use was a graduation/birthday gift from someone? Should the cashier ask us where we got it from? and where did THEY buy it from? Sounds to me like someone in the Public Relations Department screwed up and put two promotions out the same week! OOPs on their part!

  • You know, Sears bought out K-Mart some time ago, but it seems the other way around. Their customer service, coupon policies, etc really have gotten worse over the years. I can remember when you ONLY went to Sears for any major appliance or whatever. Now it’s the LAST place to go.
    Oh well. Looks like a lot of us will be boycotting Sears from now on.