Sears Rebate = No Gift Card!

Okay I have some bad news for you.  Normally I don’t let deals that don’t work out bother me because I feel we are very fortunate with the many things we get for free  and the unbelievable deals that are put in front of us. However, I don’t like to ever feel like a company is screwing around with us and that is exactly how I feel right now about Sears.

If you remember the deal I posted recently regarding the Buy $50 Get $50 back for men’s apparel and the purchase of a $50 Sears gift card at CVS. Well, apparently, Sears will not honor the $50 rebate if you use a gift card.  I  have just been on the phone with customer service and am waiting for a call back from their legal department and I am not a happy camper.

I was told by a Customer Service manager that the gift cards scan in as coupons and that the rebate excludes the use of coupons therefore making the rebate voided.  Which of course, you will  not find out about until you have submitted your rebate and they have reviewed your receipt.

Last time I checked, a gift card was considered cash and not, in any way shape or form, considered a coupon.  When I asked her how a consumer would understand a coupon as being a gift card, her response was, “I can see how they would not understand it that way”.  Ah, hello, yeah that is exactly what I am saying.  So, my suggestion would be to either return your items and/or get on the phone with Sears and let them know how you feel.  Here is the number:

Sears Customer Service Rebates: 1-800-549-4505 option #5

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