ShopRite: Al Fresco Chicken Sausage Free Or Cheap Once Again!

They’re Back!!

Reader Lori let me know that the Al Fresco Chicken Sausage will once again be on sale at ShopRite starting this Sunday for only $2.49.  Which probably means that the breakfast sausage will be $1.49.   And, there is still a $2.00 coupon lurking on Smart Source (zip code: 30013) althought I was only able to print 1.  So you can head over here to print your coupon while they are availalbe and we can once again score cheap or free chicken sausage.  Which reminds me, I’ve got to take mine out of the freezer for dinner tonight!

Let us know if you find coupons anywhere.

(thanks Lori!)

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  • Shannon

    Yeah!!!….I bought this for the first time during the last sale and my husband keeps asking more….and I still have 4 coupons from last time I printed, plus I was able to print one more from SS (at the zipcode you listed) today!

  • Anonymous

    Was able to print two more!! I have 6 left from last time so that’s 8 packs…WOOHOO! Hugs and thanks so much for saving us all sooo much money daily~

  • Eden

    we are addicted to the apple maple one, so we are so excited. 🙂

  • Lori

    Hi all…the deal starts NEXT Sunday…7/4. I wish I could remember which website I saw this on…I was just trolling around and stumbled on it….but I know for sure it is not starting Sun. 6/27…Lori

    • Cindy

      @Lori, Lori, just got my circular and it is on sale this Sunday at $2.49 so maybe it’s for 2 weeks.

  • lisa

    Fantastic! I just had the roasted garlic sausage last night, which was good, but watch out you lactose super intolerants because I’m pretty sure the garlic one has a little lactose in it (not sure how or in what [perhaps in the seasoning], but my body doesn’t lie). They are all gluten free, however, which is great. I really like the buffalo style, but the sweet apple is still my favorite.

  • erika

    is it gone, i dont see it using 30015?? 🙁

  • erika

    lol, thanks, i was so upset, i didnt get to get the last time.
    By the way i found .75 off any package of butterball ground turkey at zip 30015.

  • erika

    also the skinny cow $1/1 coupon has reset at this link

  • Ueen

    Yayyyyyyy!!!!! 🙂

  • Chris

    Don’t see the coupon under 30013 🙁

  • Chris

    Found it !

  • Gen

    For anyone who is short on coupons they have $1 off coupon on their website that you can just use for the breakfast sausage. I have 5 of the $2 and 4 of the $1.
    49 cents isnt all that bad for the breakfast sausage.

  • michelle


  • OOH! I am more excited about this than I should be. LOL We had never tried them before but got a bunch during the last sale. Delicious!

  • Satcey

    well ladies, I guess they are all gone, I don’t seem them at 30015. But, I have one in my binder… =)