ShopRite: Al Fresco Sausage Is Still Only $0.49 or Free This Week!

Guess what?  I popped into ShopRite today to get my cheap Land O Lakes cheese and the Al Fresco are once again on sale at only $2.49 for the regular sausage and $1.49 for the breakfast.  Coupons are still on $2.00 coupon are still on but they did not reset for me but if you haven’t printed them before they can be found at zip code” 30015 or 08890.  You can go here and here to see the deals.

I’m happy because I had 4 coupons I forgot to use.  So back to ShopRite I go 🙂

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  • hi cindy,

    are the breakfast sausages in the same location as the regular ones? i couldn’t find them in the Rockaway SR last week.


    • Cindy

      @laurie, They were in my ShopRite. In the meat case.

  • michelle

    Thanks! I hope find them this time, i coudn’t find them last week. I have 4 coupons to use.

  • Lexy

    Michelle, look for them by the chicken. They were not by the sausages like I thought they were.

    • michelle


      Thanks, Lexy.

  • Anonymous

    hi cindy,
    since we can get so much coupons per computer for this sausage, do you know if there is a limit as to the usage of coupons per household. yesterday, at the check out, i saw in the monitor a note “exceeds threshold limit” in red for the item but the cashier did not say anything and nothing shown on the receipt. thanks again for all the effort/help, keep it up!


    • Cindy

      @, Most ShopRites have a limit of 4 per like coupons per transaction but that does vary by store so you would need to ask at your customer service desk.

  • kasia

    I went to my local shop rite today(hillsborough NJ)and not only they didn’t accept this coupon,they didn’t accept any of my coupons!!they said that they can’t accept the coupons that don’t have a water mark on them or something like this.They even went to the meager with them-well I wont shop there again.

  • Boo! I still have some coupons, but they are regular price at my ShopRite! Oh well, hopefully they will go on sale again before the coupon expires. I had never bought these before, they were really good!

  • steph

    kasia-fyi the shoprite in somerset and flemington are pretty good about accepting all the coupons. i bought 6 sausage packs withe 6 coupons at flemington.

  • kasia

    Thank you steph,I will try flamington shoprite tomorrow!!!

  • Anna

    Can you freeze these sausages in their original packaging? Or would you suggest taking them out and putting them in a freezer baggie? Thanks for the help.

    • Cindy

      @Anna, I have frozen them in the original packaging they have been fine.

  • Ueen


    I think Al Fresco wants us to fill our freezer with their yummmmyyyy sausages. zip code 30013 has the $2.00 coupon for Al Fresco. Not sure how much these cost this week but I was able to get a rain check for the 1.49 price. I guess more free sausages for me 🙂


    • Cindy

      @Ueen, Holy Smokes, they do!! Woohoo!