ShopRite: Make Sure To Check Your Receipts For The Kraft/GM/Unilever Deal

Okay guys, we are down the final stretch of the  Shoprite Kraft/GM/Unilever promotion.   Make sure you check the bottom of your most recent receipt to see how far along you are.  You are looking for the “Free Food Points”.  You never know, you might need just a few more dollars to get to the next level and earn another certificate.

Also, you head here and check comments for readers deal ideas.  And, you can also submit your own deal for a chance to win a $25 ShopRite gift card.  The top 4 “liked” deals win a gift card.  So post your deal or just head on over and vote for your favorite.  Contest ends at 9:00pm on Saturday, 6/26.

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  • Jacqueline

    I have had numerous problems. First some of my products didn’t credit and the geniuses at courtesy tell me that is because I used coupons! Took me over 3o mins to explain how the deal worked. Finally got the credit. (I believe the Kraft ez cheesy explosion cup did not credit) and I had purchased 8 of them, Got my credit FINALLY… exhauseted. Today I went to finish off the second $40. I got all the credit. It says 41.34 and nothing printed. Back to the genius at courtesy who tells me the $5 will come off my next order. I explain that A)- it is not $5, but $20 and B)- there is no way it will come off the order by itself. I came home and called shop-rite and the helpful help weren’t too helpful. Manager is supposed to call back. Let’s see. So yes check your receipts! BTW the first $40 worked out prefectly and printed fine

    • Kristine

      @Jacqueline, I went to Shoprite tonight specifically to spend another $7 and qualify for the final $25 certificate and it didn’t print. Had to go to customer service and the Store manager didn’t seem to get it. Said I had to come in tomorrow morning to speak with someone else. The first 2 worked perfectly fine, not sure why this one didn’t!

      • Jacqueline

        @Kristine,Did you get your certificate? I finally had to call 1-800 SHOPRITE and they couldn’t understand why it didn’t print. Got a call back and they promised to send $20 gift card

        • Kristine

          @Jacqueline, Yes it worked out for me. The lady at the store said it was showing up in the system that I was .18 cents short. I told her don’t you think I would spend the .18 extra cents if I knew I would get $25? She ended up giving me a $25 dollar gift card since they couldn’t get the certificate to print out.

  • Siri

    I’m confused by what it says at the bottom of my receipt. Can I do anything at this late date to get a deal? Even a small one? Here is what it says from last week:

    Free Food This Transaction: 35.43
    Free Food Pts not redeemed: 68.42

    So did I miss out on something (re: the 68.42)?

    • Cindy

      @Siri, Yes, check the bottom of your receipt. You should have a certificate for $5.00 at the bottom. Then all you need is to spend $11.58 more (shelf price works) to hit the $80. Once you hit the $80 you will get a $20 certificate printed out at the bottom of your receipt. And, you can use the $5.00 certificate you just received to pay for it. So, here is an example:
      Buy 3 Kraft Cheese Slices ($3.89) $2.99
      -(3)$1/1 coupons (blinkies at the store)
      -$5.00 certificate you should already have
      Pay: $0.97
      You will then qualify for the $20

      • Siri

        @Cindy, Ah, thank you. I already cut off the $5 coupon but didn’t realize they were related. I’ve got a list of a few things and I’m gonna go get them tomorrow to get that $20 certificate! I did this without even trying…! Thanks so much, you are awesome at this stuff!!

  • Norkarn

    I did not redeem any coupons yet and have a $91 balance and a $20 coupon. I thought that I was supposed to get a $25 coupon for spending $80.

    • Cindy

      @Norkarn, You should have gotten a $5 when you hit $40 and a $20 when you hit $80. The $25 was for when you hit $120