ShopRite: More Reach Toothbrush Coupons

For those of you that are having trouble locating the $0.99 Reach Toothbrushes at ShopRite, they really do exist.  These were located right in the travel section.  The travel section in my ShopRite happens to be located at the end of the Oral Care aisle but I’m sure it’s different at each one.  You can head over here to see the deal to score these for a $4.00 Money Maker.

Also here are some more coupons:

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  • Hi Cindy, I have searched my shoprite both the travel section and the area where the toothbrushes are, I can not find them. I guess the Brookfield ,CT store does not carry these. Our travel section isn’t even that big. It looks like your shoprite travel section has everything 🙁 Oh well, maybe I can still come up with a small money maker deal or at least free toothbrushes with all the coupons I have.

  • Pat

    I bought 4 toothbrushes, used four 1.00 off coupons and they gave me a $4 catalina. WooHoo. I found them at the end of the dental aisle with the travel size items.

  • I finally found these at a different ShopRite. They were with the regular toothbrushes. They were sold out, however. Does anyone know how long this deal will be going on?

    • Cindy

      @QponCutie, The catalina is good through 6/24 and the toothbrushes are not on sale so this will still be good next week as well.

  • staceypunk

    I went today and I couldn’t find them, so thanks for this tip. I’ll check out the travel section this weekend. Do you know the end date for the catalina?

  • Argh … I looked for these yesterday but forgot to look in the travel section! Thanks for posting the details; I’ll try to remember to try again next week.

  • Laurie M.

    I didn’t find them in the measly little travel section in my ShopRite or in the oral care section 🙁

  • liz

    i can’t find them either 😉

  • My ShopRite doesn’t have a section marked “Travel,” but I found the toothbrushes in the “Trial Size” section. The deal worked yesterday (6/22) so I hope you can get in on it.

  • Yesenia

    I tried this yesterday and scored 20 Reach toothbrushes for $2.82 (would of been less but I was missing a coupon + tax!) and (5) $4.00 catalinas! When I finished all my transactions the lady behind me in the checkout lane had that “How did she do that!?” look on her face. LOL! Cindy, thanks once again for posting another killer deal.