ShopRite: Poland Spring Sparkling Water Catalina Deal!

Okay, we have another great deal at ShopRite.  Some cheap Poland Spring Sparkling Water.  Reader Ronni alerted me to this catalina and I tested it out today.   It’s for Poland Spring Sparkling water.   The catalina is for Buy 3 Get a $2 Catalina.  As of now, I don’t know how long it’s working for but I believe that it just started so we should have time.  Here is your deal to score them for free:

Buy 4 Poland Spring Sparkling Water 1 Liter $1.00 each
use $1/4 off Poland Spring Sparkling Spring Water, exp. 6-26 (RP 5/16/10)
Pay: $3.00
Get a $2.00 Catalina
$0.25 each after coupon & catalina

Now, Ronni received 2- $2.00 catalinas when she bought 6 so, they are printing multiple catalinas in one transaction.  The only thing is I don’t know if there is a limit.  So, this next scenario is just a possibility and needs to be confirmed:

Buy 12 Poland Spring Sparkling Water 1 liter $1.00 each (confirmed working – thanks Laurie!)
-(3)$1/4 off Poland Spring Sparkling Spring Water, exp. 6-26 (RP 5/16/10)
Pay: $9.00
Get 4 – $2.00 catalinas
$0.08 each after coupons & catalinas

Have no coupons? Try this:

Buy 3 Poland Spring Sparklinge Water 1 liter $1.00 each
Pay: $3.00
Get a $2.00 Catalina
$0.33 each after coupon

Let us know if you were able to score more then 2 catalinas in a transaction!  And…I’m on the hunt for more coupons 🙂

(Thanks Ronni!)

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  • Stacey

    I just told my hubby about this deal. He loves sparkling water, but I hate to pay for it. So, this will be great. I will try it tomorrow!

    • Anonymous

      In my 5/16/2010, I have Deer Park and not Poland Spring. Let us know if you find any other sources for ques. Thanks!


      • Cindy

        @, The catalina may work with the Deer Park as they are they same company.

        • Stacey


          Hmmm, good looking out! I will try it then! AND! I didn’t know that!

  • lisa

    Do you know how long this deal is good for?

    • Cindy

      @lisa, No I’m not sure at this time.

      • lisa

        @Cindy, I just saw that on June 10 that there’s a national catalina offer on Nestle Sparkling Water (which is the same company that makes Poland Spring) running 6/14-7/11/: Purchase three (3) Nestle Sparkling Water, Receive $2 OYNO
        Purchase four or more (4+) Nestle Sparkling Water, Receive $3 OYNO. If this works on Poland Springs sparkling water at Shoprite, you can get four bottles and receive a $3 catalina! I only wish I had coupons…

        • Cindy

          @lisa, No you can not get the $3.00. That is not the deal that is working at ShopRite. I already checked into it. It’s just buy 3 get $2.00

        • Cindy

          @lisa, 4 were tried and only a $2.00 printed and I already checked with national catalina company. We only have the buy 3 get $2.00.

          • lisa

            @Cindy, well, there is a $1 coupon when you buy 3 out, so does that mean that you pay $2 out of pocket for 3 bottles and get $2 back in catalina? Free then. I only hope this deal is working until next week since I won’t get the coupons until then (and they expire 6/25). My husband goes through a lot of this water, so this would be heaven!

            • Cindy

              @lisa, yep, if you have those coupons then they are free. The only coupons I had or that I could see from our region were the $1/4

  • Laurie

    Just got back from my ShopRite in Hazlet and bought 12 Poland Springs sparkling water in one transaction and I got 4 – $2 catalinas!!! Yea!

    • Cindy

      @Laurie, Yay! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Coupon Mami

    can anyone confirm if this deal is still working? also, is the sparkling water on sale for $1 or is that the regular price?