ShopRite: Unilever Double Dip = Dove Money Maker

Update:  A new coupon was added and new deal idea.  So you may want to take a look again.

There is a Unilever deal going on right now that I had posted about in the ShopRite match ups.  At first I thought it was a $10 instant savings at the register and then I thought that it really wasn’t going to be a good deal.  Then, reader Ueen paid a visit to ShopRite yesterday and found out that none of that is true.

It turns out that it is a catalina deal and, it turns out that we have a nice little money maker here with a double dip catalina.  Here is the deal.

Catalina #1:  Buy 8 Unilever products and get a $10 catalina. You can head over here to see the entire list.

Catalina #2:  Buy 3 Dove Products get a $3.00 Catalina.

Here are the products that overlap:

Dove Beauty bar 6 pack $5.49
$0.75/1 Dove Beauty Bar, exp. 7-25-10 (RP 06/27/10)
$2 off Dove Beauty Bar/Body Wash AND Shampoo/Conditioner printable

Dove Deodorant 2.6 oz  $2.49
$2/1 Dove Deodorant
$1.50/1 Dove Deodorant or Body Mist printable (IE) or printable (FF)
$1.50/1 Dove Deodorant or Body Mist printable (IE) or printable (FF)

Dove Ultimate Deodorant 2.6 oz $3.49
$1.25/2 Select Dove Products, exp. 7-25-10 (RP 06/27/10)

Dove Shampoo or Conditioner 12 oz $3.49
$1/1 Dove Hair Care Product, exp. 7-25-10 (RP 06/27/10)
$2 off Dove Beauty Bar/Body Wash AND Shampoo/Conditioner printable

Here is the best deal I see so far.  I am setting this up so that you only need to use 4 like coupons as that is what most ShopRites allow.  You can use any combination that meets your needs or your coupon availablity :

Updated: (thanks Ueen & Regina!)
Buy 4 Dove Deodorant 2.6 oz $2.49 each (1 variety)
Buy 4 Dove Deodorant 2.6 oz $2.49 each (another variety)
Buy 1 Dove Shampoo or Conditioner $3.49
-(4)$2/1 deodorant coupon
-(4)$1.50/1 deodorant coupon
-(1)$1/1 shampoo coupon
Pay: $8.41
Get a $10 Catalina (unilever)
Get (3) $3.00 Catalinas (Dove)
free + $10.00 Money Maker

(Thanks Ueen!)

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  • Ueen


    I am planning to get 9 of the participating Dove items and I hope that I will get the following:

    10 Cat
    3 Cat
    3 Cat
    3 Cat

    Ueen (fingers crossed)

    • Cindy

      @Ueen, ah that is a good idea!! Buy 1 more for an extra $3.00. If you can work out your coupons it would be worth it.

  • Lisa R

    Is their a specific zipcode to use to get the $1/1 Dove Hair Product printable to print out?

  • Gina

    I cant seem to find the 1.00 off dove hair care printable when I click the link.

    • Cindy

      @Gina, It was just there yesterday but now I can’t seem to find it. I’ll post the zip if and when I find it

  • Vanessa

    My store only accepts 4 of the same coupon so this is the deal I worked out.
    (4) Dove Deod. 2.6 oz @ 2.49 – 1.50 = .99 each
    (2) Dove Ultimate go fresh 2.6oz @ 3.49 – 3.00 off 2 (believe I printed from = 3.98
    (2) Degree Deod 2.6oz @ 2.49 – .75 (doubles) = .99 each
    Total oop is 9.92 plus tax and should receive $16 in Catalinas. I will advise if all goes well.

  • Regina

    I did this today. I got 9 deodorants at 2.49 each. Used 4 1.50 and 4 2.00 off. Total came to 9.98. I also used my 5.00 from the other deal last week. I got back a 10, 3, 3, 3,. I paid 4.98 and got back 19.00 in cats. But even if you did not have the 5, you would pay 9.98 and get back 19.00.

    There is also a 2 ip out there. Just search for it if you have not printed it yet.

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  • Katie

    Somewhat of a newbie here… i’m assuming the catalina’s are coupons for money of your next purchase??? Do they expire???


    • Cindy

      @Katie, Yes they are money off your next purchase. And there is an expiration on catalinas. Note sure about these yet but they usually run around 2 weeks or so.

      • Anonymous


        Thats what I figured! Thanks.

  • Amaybel


    Does anyone know if Degree is included, or if it’s just the Dove items for the Dove Catalina? If Degree is as well, then perhaps one could use the Degree coupons for the Degree like one of the posters (Vanessa) has written.

    Thanks for all the help!

    • Cindy

      @Amaybel, The Unilever cat works for Degree but the Dove cat just says Dove and there are pictures of only Dove products. So, I’d have to say no unless someone tries it and proves me wrong. Which I always love to be proven wrong if it means a better deal for us 🙂

    • Vanessa

      @Amaybel, The deal worked as planned, Degree works towards the Unilever deal. I will definitely make another trip before week end with the new dove coupon. Thank you Ueen and Cindy 🙂

      • emily

        @Vanessa, Hi!
        where I can find degree coupon?

  • steph

    would you mind posting what you bought and what coupons you used and what catalina’s you got?
    i can’t print 4 of each coupon. so looking for other ideas

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  • steph

    oops vanessa i saw where you posted the details of what you were going to do. i suppose everything worked according to that post. thanks for sharing.

  • Amaybel


    Thanks Vanessa! I was going to try using the degree coupons today and then post what happened, so I appreciate the heads up! My shoprite yesterday only accepted the four dove coupons for four deodorants – the other four I paid the regular sale price because they did not count a different type of deodorant as a different product (I thought I could get four powder and four fresh and it would work). However, this means I still have four dove coupons that I will use today and the degree coupons as well – its great that works!
    Also, I did some of the other deals Cindy had wrote about and some catalinas printed – I am not too sure what triggered them, but I wanted to let you all know just in case any might be interested. I got a $2 Cat for Shoprite Hamburgers, $1.50 off Kikkoman marinade; $1 off shoprite ketchup; Buy 1 Heluva Good Dip and get one free Heluva good cheese free; and get one Free Always products, upto $5. Here are the things I got that might have triggered them, (but I am not sure!): I got 6 Butterball Chicken Patties, 1 Lawry’s marinade, 6 Classico pasta sauce; 8 Chicken sausages (4 breakfast and 4 regular); 2 Friendship sour cream, 2 Ronzoni pasta, 6 Kellogs, 1 Post, 6 Chobani, 2 Kotex (all with coupons thanks to this wonderful site!) Sorry for such a long post, and I hope that makes sense!

    • Cindy

      @Amaybel, Amaybel, that is great stuff that helps so many people. Thanks for taking the time to share it with everyone!!

    • Ueen

      Vanessa, did you get two free milk coupon/cat for the 6 Kellogs that you bought?

      • Ueen

        Sorry, Amaybel not Vanessa 🙂

        • Anonymous

          @ Cindy – my pleasure! I love your site and its been sooo helpful! And @Ueen, No problem 🙂 No unfortunately, I didn’t – just the milk one coupon printed, but I did off course also get the $19 worth of catalinas that you had worked out!

  • mary

    do you have to buy all eight items at once for the cat to come out or on your second trip will it print?

  • Melinda

    I keep trying to print Dove coupons– $2/1 and $1.50/1 but it’s saying there are no coupons for this campaign. Does that mean there are none left? Does anyone know where I can get some?