Super Shopping Trip Was A Light Trip!

Farmers Market


Well, being that I spent the day running around looking for stuff that was not in stock, I didn’t get a chance to buy a whole lot.  But, I really didn’t need much after last week’s major shopping.  I hit up ShopRite and the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and that was it.  Here is what I got:

4 Food Should Taste Good Tortillas (used $1.00 coupons)
3 Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta (used $0.75/1 coupons)
1 Blackberry
1 Strawberry
1 Tropicanana (used my free coupon)
2 Smart Balance Sour Cream (use $0.50 coupons)
2 Wheatables (used a BOGO Peelie & a $1.50 coupon)
2 Chinet Plates (used a $1.00 Peelie)
also used a $2.00 catalina
Paid: $2.54 saved $44.36

Farmers Market:
4 peaches
2 blackberries (turned out these were 1/2 the price here)
1 Romaine Hearts
1 bunch bananas
2 green peppers
1 Cherries (eating them as I type)
1 Eggs
1 gallon Milk
2 Vidalia Onions
Paid: $13.11

Plus I stopped in during the week to Shoprite to get Land O Lakes cheese, Turkey from the Deli, Bread, More Al Fresco chicken.
Paid: $14.65

Total for the week: $30.30

How did you do this week?

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  • Laurie M.

    I could not find the Food Should Taste Good products anywhere in m ShopRite 🙁 Where were they located in your store?

  • Jen R

    I did ok. My total at my local acme was 165.32. after coupons, card, catatlinas and a 10% off, my bill went down to 64.12. Lady behind me was a little shocked. Then I had a 20% off total at CVS. So, after coupons and card my total was $22.89 from $60.34. So I really stocked up on everything, from bodywash to razor blades this week. Maybe no shopping, except for the staples, this coming weekend.

  • carrie

    My SR won’t let me use a BOGO and $ off coupons : ( Also no peelies for the chinet and they did not double my smart balance sour cream – oh well, I think I’m going to start shopping in Jersy! LOL!

  • Jannel

    My Shop Rite would not allow me to use the BOGO and the $1.50 coupons on the Wheatables. They said I would have had to buy 3 boxes?? Oh well, they still came to a $1 a box with the BOGO. (I didn’t want to have the check out girl take them off after she already did all my coupons and the lady behind me was getting annoyed)