Traditional Home Magazine: $4.99 For a 1 Year Subscription

This is a magazine deal that you don’t see too often. And, I’m admitting to you one of my weaknesses. Home magazines! I love them all. I sit and droll over all the beautiful kitchens, patios and gardens. And, honestly they give me lots of inspiration to figure out how to do things on my own on a budget which, besides my garden, renovating on a budget is my next favorite thing to do.  Just ask my husband.  He has come home to a whole room being emptied out.  I scared him the first couple of times but then he got used to it.  He quickly learned not to get in the way of a women with a creative idea 🙂 One day I’ll share the inside of my house…I promise.

But for now, you can score a 1 year subscription of Traditional Home Magazine for only $4.99. Just head over here and enter coupon code: 1336 at checkout. And you can buy up to a 3 year subscription at that price.

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  • rosanne

    Yea! I love traditional home mag. My husband is very used to me too. He rolls his eyes quietly now. Saving money on toothpaste and coffee creamer allows me to indulge my weakness. Decorating!! Show pictures please. I am very nosy about people’s homes.

    • Cindy

      @rosanne, LOL, love it! That is me too. Save, save, save for the things we love. Which is why we are “Living Rich” with coupons 🙂 I will share…promise!

  • I missed my chance. The deal is over. Great magazine.