Walgreens: Gillette Razor Deal Rolling Plus Working On Set!

UPDATE:  No Longer rolling!

Today was a day of hunting deals.  I was only mildly successful but this deal at Walgreens turned out great.  One of the Register Rewards deals this week was the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor.  But, they have these Sneak Preview Sets which include Gilette Fusion Shave Gel and face scrub and a cooling lotion.  The set is listed as $12.99 but it rings up at $9.89 (same price as the razor alone) and it’s producing a $5.00 Register Reward.  And wait it gets better.  The Register Reward is rolling!!  Here is the deal I did.

Buy 1 Gillette Set $9.89
Buy 1 Butterfinger Bar (at register) $0.50
(used as a filler – for the deal and my tummy!)
-(1)$4/1 Gillette Fusion from the 6/6 PG insert
-$2.50 Register Reward from last week
Paid: $3.89 plus tax
Got a $5.00 Register Reward

Then Buy 1 Gillette Set $9.89
Buy 1 Ajax $0.50
(with in ad coupon)
-(1)$4/1 Gillette Fusion from the 6/6 PG insert
-$5.00 Register Reward from 1st transaction
Paid: $1.39 plus tax
Got a $5.00 Register Reward

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  • We didn’t get the coupons in our newspaper. soooo disappointed 🙁

  • Frieda

    I just started doing Walgreens. I have a $10 RR from the neutrogena deal. Can I buy two sets in one transaction and still get $10 in RR for buying two sets? I am trying to learn Walgreens : )

    • Cindy

      @Frieda, No, if you do the 2 in one transaction you will only get one $5.00 RR so you would need to add something else to add to it. I’m assuming you got the $10 from buying the neutrogena so you can not buy that again as they are not rolling. How about buy 3 of the John Frieda Shampoos. Your deal would be like this:

      Buy 1 Gillette Razor or Razor set $9.89
      Buy 3 John Frieda Shampoos $15
      Buy 1 Filler item $0.50
      -(1)$4/1 Gillette
      -(3)$3/1 John Frieda
      -$10 Register Rewards
      Pay: $2.39
      Get a $5.00 RR (Gillette)
      Get a $5.00 RR (John Frieda)

      You need to buy the John Frieda anyway, it matches your name LOL!

  • oooh! That’s awesome! Haven’t looked at my P&G yet, hope I got the Q!

  • Cathy

    How can you find out (know) if a deal is rolling or not with out trial & error first?

  • Frieda

    I didn’t know that! Thanks for suggesting the deal with the John Frieda products — you’re the best!

  • Sally

    I did this deal 3 times…. first time using a previous $2 rr, the next 2x using the rolling $5 rr and ended up with a $5 cat. These are going into my christmas box for all the adult kids, 2 sons and 1 son-in-law. Plus, I have so many razors for the 3 girls, regular and I got the bikini razors too. They all usually get a box of homemade goodies (jam, cookies, apple chips, spice rubs) but this year, they are getting lots of personal items too. Our oldest is 35 our youngest is now 23; it might even be that our granddaughters (we have 4… 12, 9, 7, 4 years old) will get some toothbrushing and toothpaste and who knows. FUN!!! Maybe some day our youngest kids will give us some grandsons too.

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  • liz

    is this deal still good this week?

    • Lynda

      So great to get almost free Christmas presents.

  • GJ

    FYI…I just came back from my Walgreens (Manhattan) and although they were out of gift sets, the individual ProGlide razors were ringing up at $9.89 and the cashiers were adjusting the price down to $4.89. With my $4 coupons and the receipt of $5 in RRs this was a moneymaker. I wanted to ask why they were adjusting the price down, but I decided to keep quiet. I bought 3 and might go back for more tomorrow. Great stocking stuffers and donations.

  • Kristin

    I was at Walgreens in Brooklyn and bought 2 rolling the first into the second. No problems at all. These are great for Christmas!!!

  • Kristin

    this deal is also working at cvs. it is .97 instead of .89 in the end but if you can’t find it at walgreens check for it at cvs!

  • Purvi

    Thanks for posting this hot deal Cindy. My mother-in-law and I both scored this by using our previous RR and paid only close to 3 dollars. I used that RR for John Fridea products and paid $3.85 and got $5 back in RR. I want to point out one thing though. My walgreens had certain John Frieda shampoos/conditioners with 30% more free but they don’t product RR. I had to return them and buy the regular sizes in order to get the RR.