Friday Shopping: ShopRite


This Friday night shopping trip to ShopRite was the result of this scene in my house today.

“Hey, look, I found the $10 ShopRite catalina I’ve been looking for.  Oh, no…it expires….TODAY!”

So, I had to hurry and get a shopping trip together.  Here is what I bought.

3.35 lbs of Peaches $3.32
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Cleaner $1.99
1 Fantastik $1.99
3 Crystal Light $1.99 each
Wonder Hot Dog Rolls $1.50
ShopRite Wheat Bread $1.69
4 Marcal TP 4/$3.00
.99 lb Black Bear Deli Turkey Breast $6.92

-$1.00 wyb $3.00 Produce Catalina
-$0.55/1 Scrubbing Bubbles (doubled)
-$0.55/1 Fantastik (doubled)
-(3)$2/1 Crystal Light (from vocalpoint)
-(4)FREE marcal (deducted $0.95 each)
-$10.00 Catalina
-$0.10 Canvas Bag
$0.20 Tax
Paid: $3.48
Received a $2.00 catalina wyb Scrubbing Bubbles

Normally I put the catalina in a small coupon book that I have for each store.  Somehow this one wound up in a pile of uncut internet printed coupons.  I was sure to put the $2.00 catalina I got today right in my ShopRite book.

How do you organize your catalinas so you don’t lose them or forget about them?  Do you keep them together by store, in your wallet, in your coupon binder?  Share your organizing secrets.  Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

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  • Stacey

    I can totally relate to this! You pulled off an amazing trip for last minute. I have had this happen, when I used to keep them in with my coupons. I now keep them in my wallet. I have not lost/ forgotten one since I started doing this.

  • Martha

    I actually wrap the catalinas around the shoprite card and then I don’t forget to use them!

  • gina

    Catalinas have their own compartment in my coupon organizer (I keep my “baby bucks” discounts there as well). As I make my list, I move the coupons I am using to a “This Trip” compartment.

  • Barbara A

    I can also relate!! I keep my Catalinas in a separate compartment but every once in a while I find a stray one and it always seems to be the day that it is expiring. It could be worse…finding it the day after it expires. I have a couple expiring tomorrow at Pathmark and the day after at Walgreens…

  • Patti

    I keep everything in envelopes…taped and mutilated though they may be, and I keep the envelopes in a nice little zipper purse thingy that I picked up for $1 that goes into my handbag. I have one envelope for each store I frequent (catalinas, YRs, ECBs, etc go immediately in there when I get in the car!). Then I have separate envelopes for foods, personal/health, household/etc and Qs are grouped by category. Finally, I keep one envelope for B1G1s and G1Fs and a separate one for “expiring”. I note the expiring ones on my weekly index card so I can be sure to hunt down those items that I need…especially for any high value Qs. So far this works for me. Note that I don’t clip every Q from the inserts just ones I think I may use. I keep the inserts in a pendaflex in the home/office in case Cindy posts something cool…at least I have the priors. 🙂 Happy weekend, everyone!

  • Amanda

    The front of my binder has a zipper pocket so I put my OYNO catalinas, gift cards, etc in the pocket.

    I put my coupon catalinas ($X/3 CoffeeMate creamer only at ShopRite) in my binder in the ShopRite section.

  • Diana

    I keep mine in my wallet in front of my cash. That way when I go to pay I can sort through the catalinas quickly to see if I have any for that particular store.

    If I kept them anywhere else I’d always forget to use them.

    • michelle


  • Pamela K

    I keep my catalinas in the pocket of a small photo album i bought from walgreens for .99 cents. But I recently lost an $8.00 catalina from pathmark (obtained from the general mills cereal deal). When I found it, it had already expired. I took it to the manager to see if he could issue some kind of a credit and he said if I come back with the receipt, he can work out something for me. Fortunately I save all my receipts so I pulled out the receipts yesterday and will be making another trip to Pathmark to see how much money I can get back. Oh by the way, I found the catalina buried among coupons I printed from the internet but hadn’t cut out and put away in my binder.

  • Nicole

    I organize my coupons in a box of envelopes I have catagorized and labeled. I also have a envelope for each store I shop in, that is the main envelope I use for each weeks shopping trip. I immediately stick my cats in there to insure I spend them on my next trip.