Kmart: Super Doubles 7/4 – 7/10

Starting 7/4 – 7/10, Kmart will once again have Super Double Coupons.  This time it will only be on Health and Beauty products.  Super Doubles means that they will double coupons with a face value of up to $2.00.  So a $2.00 coupon would double to $4.00 off.  There is a limit to 5 and, I’m assuming, it will be like last Super Doubles, where it is a limit of 5 per day per card.  So, you must use your Shop Your Way Rewards card for the coupons to double.  If you don’t have one you can head here to register.

You can also head over here to see a list of all the participating stores.

Now, there are a lot of coupons coming out this Sunday in the P&G insert, so you will have some there to choose from.  As well as some of these printables:

(Thanks Bargain Blessings!)

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  • Okay, so I haven’t shopped at a Kmart in years! I’m going to try it tomorrow! Can someone tell me if I have a coupon that ends up being more than the cost of the item will they accept it? Will I get overage? This could be fun or frustrating! I am hoping for fun!!!! I pulled out all my $2 off coupons on health and beauty products and the game is to see how much I can get for free! Wish me luck.

  • Purvi

    I can’t believe I did not know about double coupon event until today. Well, my computer was out for repair so I was kind of missing all good deals. Btw, I went to my Kmart and had no problem in getting my coupons doubled. My cashier was not aware of it but she said I will try for you. I knew its going to work..hehe. I scored Dove deodorant for free (had 2 dollar printable coupon), Gillette Shave gel for .50 cents and Gillette shampoo for .79 cents. Only problem I had was using 1 dollar coupon for Reach floss because they are priced 1.79 each and somehow machine did not accept it. I was in rush so did not argue much about adjusting price down. My guess is they don’t give overage.