LRWC House Tour: The Dining Room

And so the house tour continues.  I hadn’t posted for a week and was getting all kinds of emails asking what happened.  Well, here you are, room #3 on the tour is the Dining Room.

The history behind this room is that it used to be a 4 season porch.  The windows were those louvered windows that we replaced with regular windows.  There are french doors that lead into the room so we can close it off when it’s not being used.  However that does not happen too often these days because you see that middle chair across from the table.  That is where I am sitting right now.  And see how neat and clean the table is?  It does not look like that now.  It’s filled with circulars, coupons, free samples and everything else that makes this site run including my coffee cup from this morning (note to self, bring the coffee cup to the kitchen when I get up).  Some things about the room:

Furniture: The tables, wood chairs & hutch (not in the picture) were all purchased from the same store as my Family Room furniture.  They were going out of business.  These were floor models that I got a great deal.  It took 20 years of marriage to save up for these and it was well worth it.  The fabric covered Parsons chairs that are in between the wood chairs were from my old table.  A table that I had bought used from a friend.  The chairs were actually old, beat up chairs I got for a great price at Home Depot Expo.  I think I paid $25 a chair.  Then I got fabric from a discount fabric mill and made slipcovers for them.

Lighting:  This was found in the back discount room of a local high end lighting shop.  One of the arms was scratched up but I easily touched that up.  Also, when it was hanging there (shoved in a corner) there were no shades on it.  So, I thought I would have to get them eventually.  However when they went to put it in the box, there the shades were there.  Nice surprise.  I think I paid $75 for this light fixture and it had an original price of over $300.

Drapery: Most of the fabric in my house was purchased through a discount fabric mill.  And this was no exception.  This style was not what I wanted to do in here but I was limited with the amount of fabric I was able to get.  So, I made do and I am happy with it.  I wound up spending about $200 for fabric and I made the treatments myself.  For 8 windows at $200 total, I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Accessories:  As all of the accessories are in my house, they were purchased at either Marshalls or garage sales.

And that is the end of the Dining Room tour.  You can visit the Kitchen here and the Family Room here.

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