Monday Shopping: Walgreens


So, I’ll just tell you this, if you want to save money at the store, do not bring your daughter.  Some how I got roped into buying her makeup and many more Scruncis then I thought I was buying.  But, the good thing is I had $9 Register Rewards so I only paid $0.96 for this.  And, the Scrunci deal worked like a charm.

Just a heads up.  There are some packs that are bundle wrapped.  Those are all BOGO.  I also found that the other Scrunci products that were priced at $2.99 and had a blue packaging (like above) were also ringing up BOGO.  Now, I’m not 100% on all because I was already driving the cashier crazy price checking so I only did a few.  But, that is what it seemed like.  So look for the blue packaging and price check them. When they do a price check, BGLP will appear next to the price.  That will tell you that it is ringing up BOGO.  What the BGLP stands for is beyond me but that is your indication that you will be getting them Buy One Get One Free.  So, here was how the transaction went:

2 Legal Pads $1.19 each
1 Small Legal Pad $0.99
2 Maybelline Make Up $3.19 each
6 Scrunci Elastics $2.99 each
1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup $0.69

-$2.50 for the Legal Pads (with in ad coupon)
-$1.60 Maybelline (BOGO 50%)
-$8.97 Scrunci (BOGO Free, so 3 x $2.99)
-$6.00 for the Scrunci (with in ad coupon)
-$9.00 Register Reward
Tax: $0.65
Paid $0.96

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