More Monday Shopping: Target


The reason I post pictures of my shopping trips is because I think that it is good to see the coupons at work.  How I personally use them to match up sales and to use with other coupons.  I just want to make sure that you understand a couple of things regarding buying multiple items.

  • The reason we are able to get such great prices is because we stockpile our items when they are at the lowest price we can find and we then do not have to buy it again until it reaches it’s next lowest point.
  • The amount that we need to stockpile, whether it’s 2 cans of soup or 20 cans of soup, is a very personal decision as only you will know how much of that particular product your family will use.

So, with that said, the amounts that I purchase are based on what my family will use.  This may or may not be the same as your family’s needs.  And here is my trip to Target:

Target Round 1- The Clothes:

1 Merona Bag $13.48 (org $28.99)
1 Woman’s Merona SS Top $6.00
1 Woman’s Merona SS Polo $6.00
1 Men’s Merona SS Polo $9.99
2 Pairs C9 Socks $6.99 each
1 C9 Running Pants $15.38 (org $18.99)
1 C9 Sports Bra $16.99

-3.00 Merona Bag
-$4.00 Merona Woman’s Top (2 x $2.00)
-$3.00 Merona Men’s To
-$20 C9 Apparl (4 x $5.00)
-$5.00 Gift Card
Paid: $46.82


Target Round 2 – The Groceries:
3 Bags Purina SmartBlends $1.00 each (these will be going to the animal shelter)
6 pack Stride Gum
1 Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats $1.99
1 Clean & Clear Foaming cleanser $3.69
3 Olay Beauty Bar $0.97 (travel section)
1 Glade Air Freshener $3.49
1 Clever Kids Fruit Snacks $1.52

-$3.00 Purina SmartBlends ($1.00 x 3)
-full price of all 6 gums (3 x BOGO Target & 3 x BOGO Manufacturer Q)
-$1.00 Pepperidge Farm Target Coupon
-$0.60 Pepperidge Farm Manufacturer Coupon
-$2.00 Glade Target Coupon
-$1.00 Glade Manufacturer Coupon
-$2.91 Olay Manufacturer Coupon (3 x $0.97)
-$1.00 Clever Kids Manufactuer Coupon
-$3.41 Target Gift Card
Paid: $1.68

Most of these coupons and match us can be found here and here

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  • Crystal

    Love the socks!!! Got 6 packs for $.99 each. Great quality and I look forward to using them for running.

  • Patti

    Amen! Good job, Cindy! The haters are motivators! 😉

  • Abby

    Hey, where did u get the coupon for those clothes. I love those. Please help. Thanks.

    • Jessica

      Criticism? How sad!
      I got 4 packs of socks today. happy happy!

      • Jessica

  • Mary

    Well, I for one find it very helpful when you post your specific shopping trips. It’s not as though I will buy exactly the same things–everyone has different families, different needs, and different preferences–but I’m still somewhat new at this and I find it very helpful to see how you put your trips together and make things work for you. I’m learning to apply some of those skills to my own shopping. You do a great job, and I really appreciate all your hard work and support.

  • Barbara A

    I think that it might be the hot weather that is making some people cranky? Ignore them. I really like seeing your shopping trip photos. It helps me plan my trip. I too buy large quantities, some I stockpile (more than I probably need) most I give away. I went to that Famous Footwear with my $10 coupon and I couldn’t find any shoes that I liked for me but I found a pair of children’s sneakers that had Cars theme and light up when walking and they were $10 …so free. A local charity is collecting for back to school so I will give it to them. I couldn’t afford to be so generous without coupons and deals. Please don’t stop doing what you do… not only would it cost me a lot more but all the charities and my friends would not be getting all the stuff. What you do affects more people than you can imagine. I even brought $120 worth of Purina dog/cat food down to the Popcorn Park zoo last week. (Shoprite deal a couple of months ago.) So even the animals would lose out. Thank you so much.

  • Alisa D

    I do have to ask you, though. You seem to use Target coupons in conjunction with a manufacturer’s coupon, thus using 2 coupons for 1 product. Is that allowed? My luck I would go with all my coupons organized for such a trip, have a cart filled, and be rejected at the register. That’s just my luck though.

    • Cindy

      Yes. At Target they allow you to use 1 Target coupon with 1 Manufacturers coupon. I’m hearing that some Targets are now only allowing the use of 1 like Target coupon so you’ll have to find that out at your individual store but their policy is to take 1 of each on item item.

  • I love seeing your shopping trips! I was just at Target the other day and was looking at that same purse you bought wishing there were a Target coupon for it….and now there is. It’s like a little miracle =) I can’t wait to get over there!

    • Cindy

      It was listed as clearance for around $18 but when I scanned it, the price was only $13. Plus the $3.00 coupon. $10 for a nice purse. Love it 🙂

  • Stacey

    There is no doubt that I LOVE seeing your trips!!!!! You could do YouTube vids for me! I love to watch people rack up on a deal.

    Anyhoo…I never shop at Target. BUT, you are making me want to go and see what deals I can get. I’m loving the q’s on the clothes!

  • Laurie M.

    Where did you get the $1 Clever Kids fruit snacks? My kids go through these like water! Was it from a while ago?

  • Kristine

    I got some great deals at Target this week as well. I did the woman’s socks twice for myself and got my 6 yr old son a pair of mesh champion shorts for 1.00 (the coupon works on kids apparel as well) and socks for the hubby. The Buy one get one gum I couldn’t use both though although when it took off the free one it took off the one that was a little more money, so still a good deal.

  • Dawn

    I just bought the same ss Merona top as you did with the grey and black and cream for $4 after the coupon!!! My Target had the Glade spray for $4.o4 but it was still a good deal for $1.04. I also got the Red Baron pizza slices for $.50. I love your site!!! Off topic but has anyone found the Neutrogena Clinical at a Rite Aid? I have been to two in my area and neither store has it…..

    • Cindy

      It’s so comfortable. I was crazy about the other color/patterns but for $4.00 I may go back for another anyway.