National Consumer Panel is Accepting Applications Again!

National Consumer Panel has once again opened up opportunities for people to participate in their consumer panel. And rumor has it that they have now expanded the zip code base.  So, if you had trouble getting in before then you may just get lucky this time.

NCP  measures consumer attitudes and behavior. The panel collects opinions to help manufacturers and retailers make decisions on what products to develop or improve on. So what’s in it for you?

Well first off, you get a really cool hand held scanner and when you shop you simply scan the UPC code on the items (at home) and once a week transmit it to the company. Every time you scan and transmit you will be earning points for gifts such as electronics, jewelry, toys and more.

If you are interested in finding out more info you can head over here to check it out.

I you have tried this, please let us know what you think.  I know from the past that some of you love doing it and then some of you sent it back.  So, any feedback would be great.  Just an FYI: NCP is the same company that brings you the Nielson Ratings.

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  • Samantha

    I just tried to sign up and they said there wasn’t a scanner available in my area… Oh well…

  • Laura

    I just registered and it said that I was on a waiting list and that a scanner would be sent to me when a household such as ours was needed

  • grandlr

    There wasn’t a scanner available in my area either….

  • Shannon

    I have been a member for about 6 months. Honestly, I do not like it AT ALL. My scanner is packed up waiting to be sent back. It is WAY too time consuming for me. I feel that it takes a lot of points to get prizes and it takes a while to accumulate points. The grocery enteries aren’t too bad (although you manually enter in EVERY coupon and it’s value after scanning the items). But, since I started reading this blog I have been shopping at drug stores, etc. much more often and for that type of store after you scan each item you need to manually enter every price (and then coupon values, etc.)…so it became too much of a hassle. Also, they want you to enter EVERY purchase (even something like a purchase from a vending machine) for EVERY member of the household. I know many people like the program, but with a 2 year old I have decided that it is not for me. Hope that helps. If anyone has any questions that I can answer, let me know.

    • Cindy

      Hey Shannon, thanks for your input. It’s good to know. Like I had said, there were people that loved it and some that didn’t. I heard one person tell me that her 10 year old was obsessed with it and did it all. That will keep them occupied. 😆

  • Margaret

    I was a member of this last year. I wouldn’t recommend it because it is rediculously time consuming, and the so-called “rewards” don’t seem fair for the amount of time and energy you have to put into this project. You are required to scan each and every item you purchased and then you have to enter the price for it; which is super tedious!! And if you are like me, and make rather big trips to the supermarket, this gets VERY annoying. After trying to stick with the program for about 2 weeks, I sent the scanner back. It’s a huge waste of time, expecially since you aren’t really getting much in return. Being that I have a small son, this just wasn’t for me. If they had an easier way to enter your items, by possibly scanning your reciept or something like that, I would reconsider, but it was just WAY to time consuming.

  • Barbara A

    I sent it back, too. I didn’t even try it after I opened the box. I could see that it would take up way too much time to enter all the things that I buy using an antique hand held scanner. They seemed like a nice enough company though I had a difficult time getting it delivered to my house since you have to be home to sign for it. No problem returning it.

  • Siri

    I got my scanner about three weeks ago. I agree with the other posters that it can be quite tedious. For most of my purchases it’s really not too big of a deal, but my weekly grocery store trip can be rough. I try to bag my items so that all the cold stuff is together, so that when I get home, I scan the cold items first. So far it’s taken me about an hour or so to do the shopping, and then when I get home, it’s another 45-60 minutes to scan. That part I don’t like. I agree if we could scan the receipt (since the obviously already know the prices at places like ShopRite) that would help a lot. In fact I would imagine that using my shoppers card records the same data, so maybe they should allow me to scan my ShopRite card.

    I’ve done okay with my other purchases at Target, Home Depot, etc. I got a notice yesterday that they will be sending me a scanning card to use so that I can also ‘scan’ non-UPC items like fruit and fast food.

    I’m still in the wait and see phase. It’s time consuming, but I could ‘win big’ – they have weekly, quarterly give-a-ways. TBD. I’ll let you know when/if i return it. I’d love to hear from someone who does it and enjoys it and has some tips/tricks to make it go faster. 🙂

  • Glori

    I have been a member of NCP for about five months. I was previously a member of Shoppers Hotline for about three years. Both programs are similar in that they require shoppers to scan their purchases. I find Shoppers hotline was a lot easier to use (not as time consuming). Unfortunately Shoppers Hotline ended earlier this year. So far I have mixed feeling s about NCP. Although it is more time consuming, I have received small gifts ( a reusable grocery bag and a weird can/ bottler opener) from them in addition to the points received. I’m giving the program a chance while I have the time.

  • Shan F.

    After committing myself to it for 3 weeks, my boyfriend and I couldnt do it anymore. We’re sending it back this week when I get to the post office. Im a huge sale finder/couponer, so the amount of time it takes (& memory of each sale etc) to put into the scanner is enormous. The only thing you can really get is points towards prizes in this little catalog. There are some nice things, but it can take YEARS doing this to get up to a nice prize. I can take a long time just to get a dinky one worth $25 bucks. Its like looking at the catalog of prizes you could win in school for selling different amounts of fundraiser merchandise! You’ll never get the Nintendo! lol And the amount of stuff you purchase each week doesn’t affect your points, you get a certain amount each week you scan, and maybe a few more for surveys. Im constantly getting emails and phone call “reminders” every day to take surveys etc. Its not worth it.
    I have heard some people who didnt get a scanner got some surveys in the mail instead with up to $30 inside for them. I got a few bucks years ago for taking a TV survey. I think they are the lucky ones!

  • Susan

    Same for me … seemed like a good idea until it arrived and I was finally able to read the requirements and the benefits. Seemed like way too much work, and never took it out of the box. They could have saved a lot of hassle by disclosing exactly what was required and what I would receive in return before they sent it to me. They started sending me harrassing emails (I got 3 the first day!) asking for the equipment back. I sent it right away a couple weeks ago, but now I just got another email demanding the scanner back. Of course the little piece of paper with the tracking number is somewhere in my house …

  • Robert

    I’ve been a member for a little more than four years. I’ve never cashed in the points and have accummulated 101,000 points in this time. Surveys do help rack up the points; some are simple while others are time-consuming and tedious. I MADE THE MISTAKE OF GIVING THEM MY EMAIL ADDRESS!!! Within the past several months they must have hired some new wiz that thinks constant emails are a good thing. I literally get two or three emails EVERY DAY from them. Most are reminders to take surveys. I’ve complained, but they say there’s no way to stop all the email. (I plan to change my email to a bogus address to stop them all.) Scanning CAN be tedious unless you have the receipt right there and just do it as soon as you get home from shopping. Luckily I don’t shop much, and my grocery store does feed them prices, so that means I don’t have to enter any prices when I shop at Publix. They can be nags: occassionally I’ll get a postcard telling me they’ve noticed I’ve only been scanning groceries and gas and reminding me that I need to scan EVERYTHING. [There’s even a procedure to scan free samples.] I did call and explain that when the economy softened there are times when I REALLY DO only by gas and groceries! One last incentive noone’s mentioned: there are weekly, monthly, quarterly and an annual sweepstake. Entries are awarded based upon weekly transmissions that download the scanner to their database. The quarterly winner can get $20,000 cash (or a car.) But miss just one of the weekly downloads, and you’re out for the quarter: no entry. There’s 10 weekly winners of $25 AMX gift cards; 15 monthly winners of $1,000 cash, two quarterly winners as mentioned above; another 30 quarterly winners of $500 AMX gift cards and one annual winner who gets to pick ten items from the gift catalog. So lots of incentive to participate…. if you feel lucky.