Need A Blue Bunny Rebate Form?

I have great news for you regarding the Blue Bunny Rebate offer that is going on at ShopRite right now.  If you didn’t get the rebate in your insert this weekend you can call Blue Bunny directly and they will send you one.  I spoke to them today and they were more then pleasant and accommodating on the phone and happy to send the rebate forms out.  I left a message and they called back in a couple of hours.  You can head over to the Blue Bunny Fun Pass site and you will find their phone number on the bottom of the page.

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  • Justin

    Does this rebate apply only to the NJ area?

    • Shannon

      the website lists places in NJ, NY and CT…hope that helps!

  • laurie

    just called and they could not be nicer – took less than a minute! thanks, cindy!!

  • Shannon

    Got mine too! Thanks for the info…

  • John Smith

    Thanks so much it was easy as pie to call. Very nice woman answered and got it done right away.

  • Stephanie M

    Thanks for the info. I will call first thing in the morning 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Great!! That is very helpful. 🙂 Thanks!

  • For Blue Bunny Coupons go to:, and sign up to be part of the iScream Team.

    I was able to print 2 copies, and sometimes you can use the coupons for products other than what is pictured (YMMV) leading to even bigger savings (or hold onto them for the hope that ShopRite puts the 1.75 qt containers on sale again soon).

    • Anonymou5

      The rebate is for buying three novelty cartons. I don’t think 1.75 qt ice creams would qualify. When you first sign up, they used to email you a coupon for $1 off any Blue Bunny frozen item. I don’t know if they still do that.

      • My ShopRite allowed me to use the coupons that were for the 1.75 qt containers on the novelties in the past, so it is worth a try. I have found that it is a YMMV situation however, and some stores are stricter about purchasing the exact item on the coupon, while others will let you apply it to anything that is the same brand.

      • Jennifer

        I signed up and got an email for $1 off any ice cream or novelty carton, and I was able to print it twice.

  • steph

    found 1.25 peelies on some items.

  • Melissa

    I sent them an email before seeing about calling. I’ll see if they send me an email and let you know just in case anyone out there doesn’t like talking on the phone like me LOL.

    • Anonymous

      Melissa– just wondering if you got a response via email?

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  • D

    I called about a week ago to request a rebate form – got their voicemail and have still not heard back…anyone else have this issue? I already bought my ice cream… 🙁

  • staceypunk

    i called and left my address on the voicemail (when this deal first came out on the blogs) and i just got the rebate form in the mail today. I also ordered 2 additional forms from just in case. HTH!