Reminder: Site Is Moving Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that the site is moving to a new server tomorrow.  Some of you (about 25%) may not be able to access the site for a day or 2 while the site converts over.  Most of you will not even know it happened.  For those of you that can’t get in, rest assured that once the change is complete, you will be to get back in again.

However, as I suggested the other day, you may want to make sure that you are a LRWC Facebook fan and/or you are signed up for the free emails.  This way you can make sure you are still getting up to date info in case you can not access the site for a day or two.

Why are we making this change?  To have much less downtime on the site and the ability for the site to run faster.  So, a little inconvenience for a couple of days should make for a much better surfing experience on the site and a lot happier Cindy 🙂

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