ShopRite: Blue Bunny Rebate = Money Maker!

With my BBQ yesterday, I didn’t really get a chance to go through my inserts.  As a matter of fact, I forgot to buy extra newspapers and I had to buy more inserts  this morning from Coupon Dede.  But, I was alerted to this great rebate in the RedPlum insert.

It’s a rebate from Blue Bunny.  It’s for a a Free “Fun Pass” when you buy 3 participating Blue Bunny Novelty Ice Cream from ShopRite.  If you head over to the site Blue Bunny Fun Pass site you will see that this is actually just a $15 Visa Gift Card that can be used any where Visa gift cards are accepted.  S0, what this means is that this is an awesome deal.  Here is what you will need:

  1. The original form found in the 7/11 RedPlum insert (will be regional)
  2. Cash Register reciepts from your Blue Bunny purchase at ShopRite
  3. The UPC codes from the packages (you do not need to cut them out, last 5 numbers written on the form)

Purchases must be made between 7/1 – 7/31 and postmarked by 8/15/2010.

Now for your Blue Bunny purchases.  This week the Blue Bunny Bomb Pops are only $1.74.  Here is your deal:

Buy 3 Blue Bunny Bomb Pops $1.74
Pay: $5.22
Submit for the $15 Visa Gift Card Rebate
free + over $9.00 Money Maker

There are no coupons that I see right now.

(Thanks Tracey & Shannon!)

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  • There’s a 75c coupon in the June All You!!!

    • Cindy

      Thanks Noelle. I saw that the coupon was available but I used mine so I couldn’t tell if it was for the Ice Cream cartons or any of the Blue Bunny Product.

      • The wording says ANY novelty or packaged ice cream, so I think that pretty much covers the majority of the Blue Bunny line! 🙂

        • Cindy

          Where are you seeing that? I only see Blue Bunny Novelty Cartons and I’m even wearing my glasses 😆

          • I was sharing the wording on the coupon not the MIR form. Does that make more sense?
            Sorry for the confusion.

            • Cindy

              oh, yes. sorry. Duh! I’m a little slow on a Monday morning. We were talking about the coupon weren’t we 🙂

              • I’m a little slow every morning! 😉

  • If anyone has a form they will not use I will gladly pay for a stamp! My paper didn’t have RedPlum 🙁

    • Tina

      I have an extra. Let me know if you still need!

  • Mary

    Bummer. My insert didn’t include this. I’m in CT.

  • Alisa D

    I have Red Plum from 3 different papers, and didn’t get it 🙁

  • Stephanie M

    I didnt get it either 🙁

  • Stephanie M

    I would like to order from coupon Dede but how would I know if the rebate will be in the insert?

    • Cindy

      I honestly don’t think that she would have the insert that has the Blue Bunny in it. I have been looking on Ebay and haven’t seen it yet. However, I have purchased coupons from a seller in Wayne, NJ and I’m hoping that maybe they may put it up.

      • Stephanie M

        Thanks Cindy for the heads up. I will keep an eye on ebay as well.Hope we will find it 🙂

        • Kathleen

          Dede has it now for .08. Do a search for Blue Bunny.

  • hallie wolford

    when i was in shoprite about two weeks ago, there were 1.25 peelies. glad i saved them for this week! btw, where is the seller in wayne? i’d love to connect with them since i live here too.

  • jen

    The mint grasshoppers at my shop-rite had $1.25 peelies on them!

  • Ueen
    • esther

      this coupon is only for the 1.75qt carton…not for the novelty items…

  • Kathy

    I live in Ct also and my redplum did not have the coupon in it for a rebate but when I went to the link you had for Blue bunny to see who was participating. Ct was there with many local places to visit. Kind of strange. I wonder if we called if we could some how qualify for the rebate?

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  • joey

    I have this rebate form, but I think we should buy any three blue bunny novelty cartons not just any three products. So the Bomb Pops may not qualify this offer. As for the participating shoprite stores, I can not find any information about this. I am not sure whether my locate shoprite store is included.

  • John Smith

    Does anyone know the terms of this as far as if they will accept 2 rebates if we do 2 seperate orders of 3?

    Also, I will just buy 3 bomb pops if they deny it I will fight it saying it wasn’t clear in your terms. Based on how nice their customer service is I don’t think we will have a problem with bomb pops.

    • Cindy

      The rebate is for 1 per household.

  • John Smith

    to add on about bomb pops this confirms that bomb pops quality as novelty so no worries

  • Christy

    Someone else mentioned joining the “scream team” on the website. If you do, you can print out unlimited $1 off coupons and they do work on products other than what it says, so if you buy 3 bomb pops, you could use three “ice cream” coupons, and really pay close to $2.22 for three. Then submit the rebate and make even more $$$!! 🙂

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