ShopRite Coupon Issues Addressed

Lately there seems to be a lot of changes happening at ShopRite in regards to their coupon policy.  I wanted to take a minute to address some of your concerns and frustrations.  This is what I have found to be the majority of changes or concerns:

  1. Internet Printed Coupons: Some stores, like the Enfield, Ct store, have told you they will no longer take internet printed coupons
  2. SmartSource coupons: Some stores are no longer taking SmartSource internet printed coupons
  3. Limiting Amount of Coupons: Some stores are now limiting the number of like coupons they are taking per transaction, per day
  4. Clipless coupons: Some of the clipless coupons are not coming off at check out.

First I want to clarify that each ShopRite is individually owned and operated.  Although there is a general coupon policy (not a printed policy) that Wakefern (the corporate headquarters) puts out, each ShopRite can adjust the rules slightly for their own store.  With that said, we can address #1.

1. Internet Printed Coupons are accepted at all ShopRites including Enfield, Ct.  In a letter to me from the consumer & corporate communications department at Wakefern that point was address as follows:

We want to assure you and your readers that we do accept Internet coupons at all ShopRite stores, including the new store in Enfield. In recent weeks, we’ve seen an increase in the number of counterfeit coupon alerts we’ve received from manufacturers and our coupon clearing centers which may have caused some confusion in our stores.

So, you can see that they all should be accepting internet printed coupons.  If you shop at the Enfield, CT store I would call customer service at the store and check to be sure that they have adjusted their policy.  If they have not, you can let them know what the corporate offices have said.

2. SmartSource coupons are a different story and I’m still working on that one and you can work on it as well by emailing Wakefern and/or your stores owners directly.  It seems that some of the ShopRite owners have decided not to accept them because they do not have a website address on them. I’ve been in contact with both the owners of my ShopRite (Village Markets)  and Wakefern in regard to this and although it’s not resolved yet, they have been willing to listen to my concerns.  So, hopefully this will work itself out.  So be sure you make your voices heard on this matter.

3. Limiting the amount of coupons has come up often recently.  It seems that more and more ShopRites are putting this policy in place.  For those of you that have never had this policy and all of a sudden have been hit with it, know that this is something that has been common at most ShopRites for quite a while. Honestly there is nothing that you can do about this, especially since it’s been a policy already for a good portion of the ShopRites

4. And lastly, Clipless coupons. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Shoprite now has clipless coupons that are the same as some of the coupons.  These are clipped right to your Price Plus card.  Recently I had posted 2 deals both of them using a clipless and a paper coupon together.  One for Right Guard & 1 for Ro-Tel.  The Right Guard clipless coupons did not come off at check out however the Ro-Tel did.  It appears what is happening, is if the clipless coupon, along with the paper coupon, makes the product become a money maker, then the clipless will not come off.  The Right Guard was going to be a money maker with the clipless, so  I believe, that is why it wasn’t working.  So please keep that in mind when stacking a clipless with a paper coupon.

Here are some numbers and emails that you can use if you would like to contact Wakefern:
Phone: 1-800-746-7748
Email: Go here and complete their form

To contact your individual owners, ask for the email and/or phone number at your store’s customer service counter.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for this info – very helpful!! 🙂 I love Shop Rite, but lately they’ve been a little more ‘coupon challenged’ and it is getting frustrating. This does provide some clarification, though! Thank you!! 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I have to say that i am very lucky that my Shoprite (Garden state pavillion in cherry hill) is very coupon friendly now. For awhile they were going over the top scrutinizing each coupon, but lately they have eased up and I rarely have an issue. The only problems i have are coupons for a free item. Even when i bring the whole letter that the manufacturer mailed with it they still question it because they look the same as an internet coupon.
    Thank you for taking the time to get this information for us!

  • Melissa B

    I have noticed a lot lately that they are paying a great more attention to my coupons. This is annoying but they have every right to check out everyone I have out. They even went as far as to check my Libby free coupons and my Tropicana free coupon on the computer in their office. Whatever it takes to save $50 or $60 dollars a week though 🙂

  • Maria

    Thanks for passing this info to us! Love, love this site…… 🙂

  • Stephanie Marchak

    Shoprite of Wilmington, DE and 202 are great! Yet you can only use 4 coupons per variety. This policy has been in place for as long as I can remember. Not coupon challanged at either of these stores and the customer service dept. is very helpful. LOVE SHOPRITE!!!!

  • Pat

    Thanks for the info. I too have to say I love my Shoprite (Flanders) they are also very coupon friendly and courtesy is always more than helpful when there is a question on a catalina, they have on occasion printed in right out for me at courtesy.

    Cindy just a question regarding Smart Source. Would it be better for us to contact them and ask them to put their website address on the coupons?

  • Patti

    I too love my SR. There are three in my area that I frequent and feel very lucky to have similar good experiences in all 3. In fact, it’s the only supermkt I frequent where my coupons are not given the third degree and I’m made to feel like a criminal. Stop & Shop is the worst, Pathmark not too far behind them (though yesterday’s trip went extraordinarily well) but ShopRite is always great. I hope things won’t change. I would give SR all my business if only they had all the same specials as the other stores. Same with RiteAid & CVS on the drugstore end…Walgreen’s is the WORST…I really refuse to even go there anymore but love CVS and RA.

  • pamela

    What do you mean by statement #3? What does the number of like coupons mean? For example if I have 8 blue bunny for this week I won’t be able to use them? In your experience what is the limit?

    • Cindy

      Most ShopRites limit the number of like coupons to 4 per transaction. So, you would only be able to use 4 of the 8 Blue Bunny Coupons in a transaction. Each ShopRite is different so it’s best to ask at customer service before you find out at checkout.

  • Carolyn

    The Shoprite in Newark, DE does not accept internet printed coupons. I’m going to try to show them Wakefern’s policy – thanks for all of your research Cindy. It’s really a shame that they don’t. I really like Shoprite, but they’ve lost a lot of my business as a result of this policy. I still look at your matchups for Shoprite every week and I see how many of the matchups are with internet printables and decide whether or not it’s worth the 25 minute drive. Usually, I find that it isn’t, but I might have to make an exception for that Blue Bunny deal! Thanks for all you do!

    • shirley g

      Carolyn, I think I may shop at the same Shop Rite you are talking about. Is it the one on Rt4 (Chestnut Hill Rd)? They take internet cpns from Red Plum, but not Smart Source because they don’t have that extra bar/codes in the top right hand side, like Red Plum. If I have a number of insert coupons for an item, I haven’t been limited yet. But I won’t buy more than 10 of a product. I don’t want to wipe out their stock or push my luck. I have also split up my transactions to 2, so I can use store cpns stacked w/manufacturer cpns. I don’t do this too often.

      • Carolyn

        Yes, Shirley, that’s the one. I’m glad you mentioned that, because every time I’ve spoken with someone at the service desk there, they tell me that they don’t accept internet coupons. I’m going to try it with the RP coupons. Thanks!

  • shirley g

    I live in Delaware. I think all of our Shop Rites are owned by the Kenny family. They won’t take any internet Smart Source coupons at all! Their policy is if it doesn’t have the double upc?? codes like the red plum cpns , they won’t take any of those either. We haven’t been hit with cpn limits yet, but I’m waiting for that to happen next. Even coupons straight from the manufacturer are very closely scrutinized. The staff seem to be pretty coupon friendly. I understand their position, they lose out if the cpn turns out to be fake. Like anything else there are gonna be a few rotten eggs to spoil it for everyone.

  • Lisa

    I shop at the Shoprite at the Garden State Pavillion in Cherry Hill and they will NOT take Smart Source coupons for me or my girlfriend. I am probably going to switch to another store since I cannot make use of the many coupons available from SmartSource.

  • Howard

    I went to local Shoprite, and purchased a few items. One was Seapak fried clams, which was $3.99 on sale and Dole Frozen smoothie’s. The clerk scanned the clams and had a problem, although I could hear it bleep and would go through. The front end manager said If the coupon won’t scan they can’t accept It. I asked her to take the item off, which she did. I then went to Stop+ Shop and purchased the same item, and used the same coupon, and It went thru with no problems. I like Shoprite, but I they wont take my coupons which are real. I’m afraid I’ll take them where stores do take them. The other coupon they rejected was from the Coupon Network.