ShopRite: Free Right Guard Total Defense 5

Update: It appears that the Right Guard Clipless $1.00 coupon is not coming off but the $1/3 clipless Rotel coupon is.  Not sure why but that is what has been reported.

I am going to first state on this deal that I have tried for 3 weeks now to get a straight answer on these new ShopRite clipless coupons. I have been trying to find out if they can be used in conjunction with regular manufacturer coupons.  I can not get a straight answer.  So, I have since found out that they are being deducted even when you use a manufacturer coupon.  And, since they will have not told me no it can not be done, we are going to give it a whirl.

The coupons are coupons that you can “clip” to your price plus card.  They are some of the same coupons from  So, once you “clip” them you can no longer print them.  However, here is a deal that works great because there are currently 2 coupon available for Right Guard Total Defense 5 which just happens to be on sale this week.  So here is a way to score them free:

Buy 2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 $1.99 each
-(1)$3/2 Right Guard Printable
$1.00 Right Guard Clipless
free after coupons

Note: I am pretty sure that the $1.00 clipless coupon will only be taken off 1 time.

You can also try it with the Rotel if you can print one and clip one:

Buy 3 Rotel $0.88 each
-(1)$1/3 Rotel Printable
$1/3 Rotel Clipless
$0.21 each after coupons

Let us know if you have tried this and how you made out.

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