Stockpile Prices For Meat

Even though meat & fish do not always have a coupon, we can still get great deals on it.  Just like everything else, the key is to buy it when it’s at it’s lowest price and stock up on it.  If your store is having a great sale on chicken and your family eats a lot of it, then buy enough to last you a month or two.  The key is to know when these prices are at rock bottom.

Although prices of meat  do vary from different states, here is a list of stockpile prices for you to use as a guide.

  • Ground Beef 80 -85% Lean: $1.69/lb
  • Boneless Chicken Breasts $1.69/lb
  • Bone in Chicken Breast $0.79/lb
  • Whole Chickens $0.79/lb
  • Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks $0.79/lb
  • Boneless Pork Chops $1.49/lb
  • Boneless Pork Loin $1.49/lb (I always buy this and have them slice them into chops for me)
  • London Broil $1.69/lb (usually sold in double packs at this price)
  • Top Sirloin Steak $3.99/lb
  • Flank Steak $4.99/lb

Also, make sure to look for Manager’s Special discounts.  Most stores have dollar off coupons attached to the meat packages.  They do this when the expiration date of the meat is quickly approaching.  Check with your meat department to find out if there are certain days or a particular time of day that they mark down their meat.

What kind of deals do you find on meat?

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  • Anonymous

    How does everyone wrap/seal their meat for a long time in the freezer? Foil? Ziplocs? Plastic wrap? Curious how others do it to avoid freezer-burn. 🙂

    • Lori

      I use freezer bags to store my meat, press out as much air as I can and label everything with a date. I stock up on meat but don’t over do it so it is in a good rotation and is not in the freezer for more than 2 months.

  • Rachel

    At Acme this week their hormone free all natural boneless chicken breast were B1G1 and all of them had $3 manager’s coupons, so I bought 12 packages and got $99 worth of Chicken for $15!!!!!

    The meat manager was actually putting them(just the ones with the manager’s coupons) in the back because he said: “they are to good of a deal” so I asked him if I could have them all and he didn’t look overly happy but he gave them to me:)

    • Cindy

      wow that is a great deal. Good for you!!

  • Lori

    I have bought 80% lean ground beef on a managers special for $.99/lb. My Shoprite usually starts to mark down whatever they have left for the day around 9pm (store closes at 10). So if I am in the right place at the right time I can get a few. But within seconds of the store announcing the markdown they are gone!

  • jen

    Thanks so much for this list. I never know what’s a good deal!

  • JoanieS

    I have a different approach….I am a bit of a “meat snob”, so we only buy 97% ground beef , center cut boneless pork chops, NY Strips cut to order and such. We go to Lancaster, PA (about 1 hr 15 min away from us) about 3 times a year to an Amish market with a fantastic meat counter. I can fill my freezer with enough high quality meat for 4 months (family of 5) for about $250. We buy in bulk, then repackage and freeze using our Food Saver. The meat is incredible, and you can totally taste and see the difference from the stuff we can get in the regular supermarket! And, the prices are GREAT!

    • Sarah

      I’d love to know the name of this Amish market! Sounds like a great strategy

      • Kejmz5

        Could you tell me the name also, I am going on Saturday and planning on shopping at the Shady Maple grocery store, I have always gotten excellent prices there, but if there is a better place I would really appreciate it.

  • Great post, I’ve been discussing this with my girlfriends as I’m starting to meal plan. Sadly, meat prices have always stumped me and this gives me a starting point to see how my state prices vary. I truly appreciate this post Cindy! Thanks!

  • Patti

    This is SUPER helpful! As always, thanks, Cindy!

  • christine

    Cindy this is so helpful!!!! Thank you so much!

  • Maria

    Jen. I felt the same way. I never knew what was a good deal on meat.’
    Thanks so much Cindy.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the great list and tip on Shop Rite markdowns.

  • Toni

    My husband vacuum seals and dates all frozen meat and chicken. He does this with whole filet mignon tenderloins which go on sale every 3 months. Just ask the butcher to cut it.

  • Christine

    I live in Southern California. Around here, meat prices vary all the time. Sometimes, a pound of boneless skinless chicken breast is on sale at various grocery stores for $0.99/lb.

  • Vera Borkowski

    Tip from TV show “Good Eats” : If you don’t have a vacuum sealer (I don’t) you can use a straw to suck out all the air around the meat in your bag as you seal it. I’ve been doing this for at least a year and it works great!