Sunday Shopping: ShopRite, Farmer’s Market & A BBQ


Today we had a barbecue at our house.  So, my shopping this weekend was really just for the party.  There are a couple of things I want to point out about my shopping and planning for the barbecue.

1. When you stockpile, you wind up having any number of things to choose from to serve when you have company.  Things that you were able to snatch up at great prices.  Like, $0.49 Turkey Burgers or $1.69/lb Chicken or even $0.49 Chicken Sausage.  So, when it’s time to plan your menu, you only need to fill in with a few things here or there.

2. As some of you may know, we stick very closely to a budget.  Not just a grocery budget, but an overall budget.  A budget that accounts for every single penny we spend each and every month.  And, with that, we budget for things such as hospitality which includes things like having a barbecue.  So, when you need to spend a bit more money for a party or even just a few people over for a barbecue, you have the money set aside for that.

Now, with that said, I can tell you that for a couple of weeks now, I have been under my weekly grocery budget.  So, when it came time for me to plan out a menu for today’s barbecue and shop for it, I was able to use the excess money from the past couple of weeks.  I did not even have to dig into my hospitality money.  And, I haven’t even dug into this week’s grocery money.

Here was the menu we had:

Chips & Salsa
Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato with Fresh Basil

BBQ Chicken
BBQ Chicken Sausage
Turkey Burgers w/ cheese
Sauteed Onions & Peppers for the sausage
Corn on the cob
Grilled Veggies
Baked Beans
Wacky Mac Pasta Salad
Tossed Salad


Here is what I bought at ShopRite. Most of which was for the BBQ:
4 Smart Balance Eggs $1.49 each (no catalina printed, you can see info here)
ShopRite Potato Rolls $1.69
4 Baked Beans $1.50 each
2 Chi Chi Salsa $1.59 each
1 Bread $1.99
3 large cans diced tomatoes $1.00 each
1 6pack Rolls $1.99
2 Tostitos $2.50 each

-$1/2 Chi Chis
-$1/4 B&M Beans
-$4.00 catalina
-$3.00 catalina
Paid: $19.81
should be getting a $5.00 catalina for the eggs through Catalina Marketing Co

Farmer's Market

Then went to the Farmer’s Market where I spent $40.31 which consisted of Fresh Mozzerella, Olive Oil, a Whole Watermelon, milk and various other fruits & veggies & some Italian cookies.

So for this shopping trip I spent: $60.12, will be getting a $5.00 catalina and had a nice BBQ with a ton of leftovers.

How was your shopping trip.  How do you plan for a party in your budget?

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