Thursday Shopping: Target

I stopped in Target yesterday just to look around.  There were some sales that you might want to check out the next time you are there.  Here is what you should look for:

Dollar Spot: Black Dot items are suppose to be 30% off. However, when I did a price check on them, they came up at 50% off.  So, only $0.50 each.  I picked up a roll of wrapping paper, tissue paper & 2 Telecoping Marshmallow Sticks.  All for $2.00.  There are a bunch of things to choose from.  Some items would make great goodie bag items.

Toys:  Saw a bunch of toys at around 50% off so you might want to check that section out to stock up on birthday and Christmas gifts.

Lunchboxes: Noticed that the Hello Kitty lunch boxes had a bunch of coupons inside. So if wanted to pick up a lunch box, keep your eye out for that.  There was a tag that said “valuable coupons inside”.  And, licensed lunch boxes are suppose to be only $6 starting Sunday so you might want to make a note of that for Sunday morning.

Outdoor furniture: My Target is going through major renovations so most of my seasonal stuff has already been moved out but there have been reports of big discounts on those items so if you are in need of something, now would be the time to take a look.

Let us know if you found any great clearance or discounted items at Targert!

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