Tuesday Shopping: Farmers Market & an Interesting Article

Farmer's Market

You might be wondering why I’m posting a shopping trip with just a bunch of fruits and veggies.  I mean there were no coupons involved in this transaction.  So, what gives?  Well, as you guys know, I post all my shopping trips for one reason.  To show exactly what a family can buy while using coupons and shopping smart.  My family which includes 4 adults (2 kids home from college and my husband and myself) spend around $50 -$60 each week on health & beauty products, cleaning supplies and groceries including fresh produce, meat & fish.  That is down from over $250 a week that we spent 2 years ago.

Recently there was an article written by a writer on Yahoo Finance called 8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Coupons.  I posted the article on the LRWC Facebook page and more then a few of you were puzzled as to the content of the article.  They were wondering how the author could state things like “Coupons don’t always market the healthiest foods. This might mean that they’ll lead you to buy things that aren’t very good for you.” Or her reference to the time it takes to clip coupons, stating “Your time might be better spent on another activity.”

So, to squash any crazy ideas that you can’t buy healthy food while couponing, I post my Farmer’s Market shopping trip.  Now, no, I didn’t use coupons for this but, I did use coupons on all these shopping trips which help to free up all the money I need to buy all the fruits and veggies I want.

This trip I spent $15.94

Please post your savings for the week in the comments below.  I’d love to get an idea of how much money LRWC readers are saving each week with coupons.

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  • danigirl

    I also visit my local famer’s market. Ours is held every Saturday and that is the first thing I do Saturday mornings. Now I have been known to blow my budget there as I have started buying local milk (a bit pricier but tastes so much better, lol) and an occasional steak from a local beef farm. However, not only do I usually save money on grocery store produce prices, but it is the freshest produce I will ever get in my area plus I am supporting our local farmers and the community!!

  • Patti

    While I don’t completely disagree w/the article you referenced all it takes is a little self control. Just b/c you have a Q doesn’t mean u have to buy it! I always ask myself “is this an item I would buy if I didn’t have a Q?”. I mean what I save alone on H&B, cleaning prods & household goods alone makes couponing worth it! Oh, & your shopping trips rock, Cindy!

  • Anna

    In the beginning I want to say how much I love this web site. Because of the coupon matchups that you post here I save monthly around 50%. Here is how much I spent last week:
    Wednesday I stoped at local farmers market and I bought:
    I paid around $13
    Friday I went to Stop & Shop:
    – 6 Tropicana juices =$11.94
    – 4 packs of Activia yogurt=$8.00
    -3 General Mills cereals=$5.00
    Before coupons I would have paid $24.94 but this is not what I paid. I used
    (6)$1.00 Tropicana coupons, (4)$1.00 Activia yogurts, (2)$0.55 cinnamon toast crunch cerals , (1)$0.60 cheerios. After coupons I paid $12.64
    Later that day I went to Shop Rite and I bought:
    – 2 Viva paper towels=$4.58
    -4 bottles of Snapple=$4.36
    -3 Ronzoni pastas=$5.00
    -chocolate raisins=$1.00
    -tomato paste=$0.60
    -6 Honest drinks=$1.00
    -ballpark turkey sausage=$0.99
    -ground pork=$2.65
    -red pepper=$2.17
    -2 real goodness milks=$3.98
    -8 yoplait yogurt=$4.88
    -2 Bailey’s coffee cremers=$1.98
    -butterball roasted turkey=$1.99
    -2 packs of Smart Balance eggs=$2.98
    -cordon bleu chicken=$2.24
    -tombstone pizza=$4.50
    -4 packs of Poppy pierogies=$4.95
    -2 Right Guard deodorant=$3.98
    My balance was $56.31
    I used following coupons:
    -(2)$0.85 viva coupons
    -(3) $0.75 pasta coupons
    -(6)$1.00 Honest tea coupons
    -(2)BOGO Snapple coupons
    -$3.00 Rite Guard coupon
    -$2.00 pizza coupon
    -(2)$1.00 Bailey’s coupons
    -(2)$1.00 Real Goodness milk coupons
    -(2)$0.50 Yoplait yogurts
    -$1.50 roasted turkey coupon
    Since I shopped in Ship Rite and this store doubles coupons below 0.99 I saved $28.58 which means my balance was $27.73.
    On Sunday I stopped at Shoprite again to take advantage of BlueBunny ice cream and Smart Balance milk.
    I bought:
    -6 ice cream: 3 at $1.49 each and 3 at $1.99 each
    -4 milks=$11.96
    I used:
    -(6)$1.00 ice cream coupons
    -(4)$2.00 milk coupons
    My bill before coupons was $22.40, and after $8.40, plus I got milk catalina for $5.00 and I will send blue bunny rebate.
    Today I have to go to A&P to take advantage of my $10.00 poland spring water cataline. So as you see I saved alot of money last week.

    • Cindy

      OMG, I am so glad you mentioned those catalinas. I almost forgot. And they expire today. Woohoo, free $10 worth of food for me night.

  • George

    I can’t agree with you more. The writter of that article focused on one thing only and forgot about the ripple effects of couponing. This year my family (3 kids, my wife and I) have planned 4 vacations throughout the course of the year (due to family reunions it turned out that way). Anyways each vacation costs us around $1,200-$1,500. Since I started couponing in January and with your help one of those vacations will be for free from what I have saved couponing.
    Thanks very much and keep it coming…….

    • Cindy

      A vacation for free by using coupons. Now that is worth every second of doing it and I’m sure you will enjoy yourself even more know it was “free”. thanks for sharing

  • Denise

    My husband and I agree that my couponing is my part-time job. On average, it takes me about 2 extra hours a week to buy papers, clip, organize coupons, and match up my deals (it would be so much more time if not for your website already showing me the great match-ups- thanks!) I am a semi-new couponer and currently am saving 50-60% off of my grocery bill, and about 75-80% off my drug store bills. I’ve been spending $300 less than I did before I used coupons/deals, but also have been getting way more for the money I do spend. $300 divided by 8 hrs is $37.5 an hour. Best paying part-time job I’ve ever had!

  • christine

    Before I went out of work and became a stay at home mom we were spending at least $250.00 a week on groceries and never used coupons. After we had our second son we decided I would stay home. Every week I tried to figure out how I was going to contribute to our income and then someone introduced me to your website (Kudos to Laurie for finding this website!). Now we spend no more then $50-60 a week on groceries and baby needs (including diapers, wipes and diaper cream). I consider my family very healthy eaters. My two boys love vegetables and fruits, which we always have on hand. I do agree with the article in one aspect, you sometimes have to be flexible in brands. But when you save over $6000.00 a year isn’t worth it to be flexible.