Wednesday Shopping: A&P


If you shop at the Wall Twp, NJ A&P, I was in your store yesterday.  You have a big store, lots of self check out registers, friendly customer service, but not a lot of Poland Spring Sparkling Water was available.  So, I could only do 1 round (don’t worry, I left you some).  My plan was 2.  But this deal will be available through the 11th so there is time.   Here is what I did:

Bought 15 Poland Spring Sparkling Water $9.00
Received 5-$2.00 Catalina for a total of $10

You can check out this deal here.

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  • Diane

    I bought 6 poland spring waters and only got 1 catalina coupon. did you buy them all togeather or seperate?

    • Cindy

      @Diane, All together. You can see by the catalina that they are all attached.

  • Don’t know why but I got excited when I saw you were in my area! I don’t shop at that store but it is pretty nice.

    • Cindy

      @Bethany, LOL. Truth be told, we are house hunting. Nothing definite but looking at areas.

  • Lori

    Do we know if this cat is rolling?

    • Cindy

      @Lori, They have been when they were printing at ShopRite & Stop & Shop but I haven’t heard from anyone if they had success at A&P

  • Pamela

    Has anybody tried to buy more than 3 bottles per transaction @ Waldbaums?
    Any Waldbaums shoppers out there???

    I’d love to do the deal Cindy did @ A&P and buy 15 bottles in 1 transaction!

  • Rebecca

    Yes I have bought 6 in one transaction- And it Rolls at Waldbaums!