Yoga Mat & Carrying Bag For Only $14.95 Shipped

Update: Looks like the Yoga Bag is gone!

You can score a Yoga Mat & a Yoga Carrying Bag for only $14.95 shipped.  The carrying bag has a bottle compartment as well as towel holder.  The deal is that Amazon is offering a Free Yoga bag when you buy a Yoga mat.  And the Yoga bag is already discount to $14.95 (org $39.95).  Plus shipping is free with Super Saver because your total in your cart will be over $25 before discounts.  Here is how to get the deal:

  • Go here and choose your color Yoga Mat.  Place in cart. (Be sure that shows “Fulfillment by Amazon”)
  • Go here and put a Yoga Carrying Bag in your cart.  Make sure to choose the one from Minisuit and “Fulfillment  by Amazon”.

Your cart will look like this:

Source: SD
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  • Patti

    Got mine! Thanks Cindy! Supa dupa! And not a coupon to be seen! 🙂 With this month’s savings I figure I deserve it!

  • Amanda

    i may be confused, but it looks like the bag is now $9.95, so it may not work? as far as the free shipping? I’m probably just confused!

    • Patti

      Amanda, I had to go back and try a couple of times. I wasn’t clicking on the correct bag. Click Cindy’s link for the mat then come back (w/o closing Amazon) and click on the link for the bag…it’s the one on the btm that says fulfilled by Amazon. That should work! Good luck!

      • Amanda

        I’m not finding it, but thank you — maybe this is someone’s way of telling me that Yoga is not for me 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to explain it though!

  • Patti

    Amanda, you won’t see the price reduction till you get to the end of the cart. Once the 2 items are in your cart they will appear as regular price till the very end of the process…Keep clicking thru…the order doesn’t go thru till you get to the “approve” the order page…by then you should see the $14.95 and free ship. Little confusing. Sorry if I did not explain clearly.