Are Coupons Taking Over Your Dining Room Table?

If you are thinking that couponing is only for the highly organized.  Well think again.  Take a look at these pictures.  Yes, this is my desk.  This is the heart of Living Rich With Coupons.  Scary right?!?!

Well, sometimes I too get just a wee bit unorganized.  Okay, a lot right now but if I can do this crazy couponing thing, then so can you.  It just takes a little desire, focus and okay, some organization.  So don’t be thinking that I’m some kind of super human, couponing calculating machine.  Proof is in the pictures!  I’m far from it.  Yes, coupons do take over my dining room table.

And, somewhere under these coupons, circulars, papers there is a table.  And, you will need to excuse me while I go find it because if I go one more day with this pile of papers I’m going to go crazy 🙂

UPDATE:  Success!

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