Are Coupons Taking Over Your Dining Room Table?

If you are thinking that couponing is only for the highly organized.  Well think again.  Take a look at these pictures.  Yes, this is my desk.  This is the heart of Living Rich With Coupons.  Scary right?!?!

Well, sometimes I too get just a wee bit unorganized.  Okay, a lot right now but if I can do this crazy couponing thing, then so can you.  It just takes a little desire, focus and okay, some organization.  So don’t be thinking that I’m some kind of super human, couponing calculating machine.  Proof is in the pictures!  I’m far from it.  Yes, coupons do take over my dining room table.

And, somewhere under these coupons, circulars, papers there is a table.  And, you will need to excuse me while I go find it because if I go one more day with this pile of papers I’m going to go crazy 🙂

UPDATE:  Success!

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  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    haha I hear ya, I have a pile about a foot and a half high in a basket of All You Magazines and inserts which USED to be in order, but that has gone out the window, and in front of my keyboard there is a pile of recently printed coupons, ugh, it is time for me to organize it too!

  • LOL! My kids couldn’t even eat at the table tonight because I’m organizing my coupons. Glad I’m not the only one….

  • Lori

    Thanks for making me feel better about my piles!

  • Bernell

    It’s a good thing we only use our dining room table for holidays and special occasions, because it looks just like yours…… half is piled with coupons, scissors, paper, pens, etc….the other half is piled with laundry!!!!!

  • Melissa S

    LOL Mydining table was not able to be used at all today by my husband or kids due to my “couponing”…forced us to eat outside on the deck which was really nice!

  • Patti

    OMG, between the couponing stuff and my school stuff I can’t even stand it. Cindy, maybe you could start a “get organized” blog for us? LOL!! 🙂

  • debbied

    thats my house keep on couponing its well worth it

  • My desk looks like that right now too! I need to take time and clean it tomorrow!

  • rosanne

    Uh-oh. I can tell that you actually consider one tiny pile of papers and coupons a disorganized mess. You are officially never to be invited to my house. The garage would make your head explode!

    • Lori G

      Rosanne…rofl!…My coupon “pile” is really several piles, and spreads out over a few rooms (so it doesn’t look so bad 😉 ).I can’t ever find what I am looking for. I am currently in the process of trying to get all my “clipped” coupons in my new binder (my goal was to get all my coupon mess under control before I had to go back to school…so of course, 3 days before summer vacation was over, I started! However, I did manage to get a wonderful shelving unit from Walmart that I used to organize my stockpile. It was busting out of the closet that was meant to contain it! Now it is in my office where I can actually see what is on the shelves! If I was more tech savvy I would take a picture and share! Maybe we should have a “show us how you all organize your coupon/stockpile thread!

      Thanks Cindy, for giving us all an opportunity to save money and gain insight into the many aspects of couponing!

  • Julie

    A HUGE help in my disorganization that I have begun doing in the last few weeks is that AS I cut out the coupons, instead of putting them in one pile to sort when I am finished, I put them into two – foods and non-foods. Then at the end I sort each of those separately. That makes my coupon filing MUCH quicker!

  • Danielle

    This makes me feel soooo much better!!! We, too, ate on the deck this weekend due to coupon chaos! LOL!!! 🙂 Now it’s moved from the kitchen to the dining room….P&G is clipped, ready to be filed…next will be SS & RP! 🙂 Getting there….slowly but surely!

  • Cathie

    What Rosanne said.