CVS Shopping Trip: An Awesome Deal On The Fly!

I wasn’t going to post this trip to CVS because it was just kind of boring. But I had to share with you the story about this trip and how, on a seconds notice, I scored $21 worth of products for only $1.75 including tax.

I went to CVS with my ECBs and coupons for some of the sale items this week.  Spent about 15 minutes looking around only to find out that most of the stuff i wanted was sold out.  So, I wound up buying a birthday card for my niece because, like a bad Aunt, I forgot to mail her birthday card.  Sorry Kathryn, it’s coming!  Aunt Cindy is a little forgetful these days.

After I buy the card, I get a $5 off $15 coupon print out at the end of my receipt.  Woohoo!  That never happens.  But of course, there is a time restriction of 3 days.  Hmm?

Head out to the car and get a text from my son.  Most of you know that we dropped him off at college 1 1/2 weeks ago and he has been sending me a list of the things he wants/needs.  Well here was another item for the list.  The text read like this:

Patrick: “look up something called like acuvee 3in1 acne face wipes. i like it” 
note: you don’t see a “Hi Mom, or “how are you mom” do you?!?

Me: “Where do you get it?”

Patrick: “the store?”

Me: “r u sure it’s acuvee?”

Patrick: “no i’ll check”

sitting in the car waiting….

Patrick: “acnefree sport 3-in-one sport wipes”

My brain immediately kicks into coupon mode.  I go through my typical checklist as I make up a deal in my head:

  • Saw $1.00 coupons in store
  • ECB deal going on this week
  • $5 off $15 coupon I just received
  • $13.99 in ECBs to use
  • BINGO…we’ve got a deal!

I went back into the store so fast I forgot my phone in the car.  And, in minutes flat, I scored this deal:

Bought 2 Acnefree 3-in-1 Sports Wipes $10.79 each
-$5 off $15 CVS coupon
-(2)$1/1 peelies found at store
-$13.99 in ECBs
+$1.16 tax
Paid: $1.75
Received a $10 ECB wyb $20 in Acnefree products

How is that for a quick awesome deal!!

Have you scored any great deals on the fly?  Did you get something you weren’t expecting that turned out to be awesome?

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