Finding Used or Rented Textbooks Online

It’s bad enough we have to pay such high prices to further educate our children, but these textbooks are just so ridiculously expensive.  I mean honestly, why do we have to spend $145 for a Biology book.

Well, I refuse to pay those prices so I buy used.  And these days you can even rent your books.

Here is a list of sites that you can use to pick up used or rented books.  Honestly, I have no one in particular I recommend more then the other but I can tell you that I had a lot of luck this year with Barnes & Noble’s used book program.  They came up as the cheapest for a good portion of the books I was buying.  But you will really have to look.  Compare your costs, shipping etc.  See who has your particular books in stock.  Most likely you’ll be buying or renting from more then one place.  It takes some time but it’s worth the savings.

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  • Melissa B.

    Back in the day (2001-2005) I used Amazon. Also, some books i didn’t buy until after the first day. Some Universities require the professor to post the book they will be using. Others you can get previous additions very cheap (pennies compared to the $100 books.) Many of my lecture classes I bought books for under $10 dollars.:):)

    • Melissa B.

      editions lol I graduated for college.

  • Samantha

    When I was in school, I would always try to get a hold of the professor and ask if an older edition would be good enough for the class. I’ve been able to save ALOT of money just buying one edition back from the current one. I once paid only $10 for the 10th edition of a book as opposed to $350 for the 11th edition.

  • Stosha

    I would do the same thing as Samantha, using older editions when permitted. Its worth holding out until the first day or sending an e-mail to see if this is okay. Another good idea is checking teacher rating sites to see if they even use the book, I had that happen quite a few times. I think they are required by the school to “use” a textbook, but in a few instances handouts were used in place of the text because the courses were difficult and the teachers had better ways to explain things.

  • Jean

    The university I went to also had their own used book program….it was kind of like craigs list. A student who wanted to sell their book posted it on this website under which class it pertained to, gave all the info about the book and then a suggested price. A student who then wanted to buy a book could search the website, find the book they needed and e-mail that person to negotiate a final price and meeting arrangement somewhere on campus to do the exchange.
    That was 2001-2005, so I’m sure more schools are doing it now. Contact the student association (that’s who ran our website) and they should be able to help you.