Finding Used or Rented Textbooks Online

It’s bad enough we have to pay such high prices to further educate our children, but these textbooks are just so ridiculously expensive.  I mean honestly, why do we have to spend $145 for a Biology book.

Well, I refuse to pay those prices so I buy used.  And these days you can even rent your books.

Here is a list of sites that you can use to pick up used or rented books.  Honestly, I have no one in particular I recommend more then the other but I can tell you that I had a lot of luck this year with Barnes & Noble’s used book program.  They came up as the cheapest for a good portion of the books I was buying.  But you will really have to look.  Compare your costs, shipping etc.  See who has your particular books in stock.  Most likely you’ll be buying or renting from more then one place.  It takes some time but it’s worth the savings.

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