For App Addicts: KeyRing App- Keeps Your Store Cards Organized

Here is the next app that I love for 2 reasons.  The first is that it’s Free of course.  The second is that it keeps all your store loyalty cards right on your phone.

This is the Key Ring app.  You scan and load all your cards and use your phone at checkout instead of fishing for your card.  And if your key ring is anything like mine, you have a ton on there making it a pain to find the one you want to use.

The only negative for me is that my phone (I have a Droid) does not fit under the CVS Red Scanner machine.  So CVS needs to take care of fixing that for me.  Just kidding 🙂

Anyway, you can head over here to check out the app. You can download it online and retrieve it from your phone or just go to the Android Marketplace or the Iphone App Store on your phone.

If you missed the first app, Poynt, you can check it out here. The app helps you locate the cheapest gas stations,  restaurants etc in your current location, I wound up using this a bunch of times already when we were moving the kids into their dorms and didn’t know our way around the towns.

Feel free to leave your favorite app in the comments and I’ll start adding them to the list.  Only free apps please!

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