Free Sample & $2 Coupon: Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Makeup!

UPDATE:  It looks like this is gone as there is now no place to put an address.

You can score a free sample of Cover Girl Advanced Radiance Makeup and you even get a $2.00 coupon.  You can head over here to get your free sample.

Note: You will also be registering for the Cover Girl profile and will have to supply your mobile number but you can change the mobile preferences.

(Thanks mavinofsavin!)

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  • Laurie

    I signed up for it but now I cant find where to get the free sample. Help!

  • Cindy

    Signing up is what generates the sample. Most likely you’ll get the sample & coupon in 6-8 weeks like they all are. So you did it right.

  • candice

    i signed up but they didnt ask for my address. im not sure they will know where to send the sample?

    • Cindy

      okay it looks different now. Possibly the free sample is over. I had to put my address in. I’ll update the post.

  • Patti

    I find that this happens very often to me…so many mfrs get my e mail but either I never get the freebie or they get my e mail and then there’s no where to enter the info to get the freebie. Nothing to do with offers posted b/c I certainly send for them of my own volition…it’s more to do with the mfr not following thru. I still have outstanding freebies that I sent for back in Feb and have never received. But I get e mails from these mfrs all the time and ultimately unsubscribe myself. Just to be a PITA I reached out to one company to ask what happened to the sample they were sending and they asked me to re- send my addy and they would send it. I didn’t and unsubscribed myself from their list. Just annoys me. Who knows who they are selling my info to….I’d rather just print Qs! 🙂

    There…that feels better now! LOL!!! 🙂