Free Sample: Smart Food Staorage From Tomorrow’s Harvest!

You can score a Free sample of Smart Food Storage from Tomorrow’s Harvest.  You can head over here to request your free sample. I am actually very curious to see how these taste.

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  • Kristina

    Is anyone having trouble with this? The screen where I would enter my info is not fully populating and I cannot type in any of the visable boxes.

    • Nikki Eddy

      at first it said server error. I resubmitted and all I got was a “thank you.” Wonder if I’ll get anything in the mail.

  • jennifer

    I can’t get the verification code to work

  • staceypunk

    Mine worked, but I have a question. I am just curious what the price would be. Looks like the minimum is a 3 month supply, but can’t see the cost anywhere. A shelf life of 25 years! That’s crazy. My husband likes to prepare for the apocolypse so this would appeal to him, lol.

    • Colleen

      It looks like this company is one of those where a salesman comes to your home which is why no prices are shown. Although one of the comments on the testamonials page said she got 3 months supply for price of one months grocery bill. Who knows what that is thoguh. I doubt she’s a couponer! lol. My old budget was $500 month for family of 3 , now it is more like $300 a month.

  • Colleen

    i can’t get the code to work wither and half the screen is missing to enter my info.