How To Save Money On Car Repair – A Story!

I guess the title is a little misleading as this is not actually a step by step guide on how to save money on car repair. But, what it is, in fact, is a mindset, for getting the best deals. A mindset? For car repairs? Okay, go ahead, say it…Cindy, what in the world are you talking about? Well, this is what I’m talking about.

Here is the scenario:

MINI Cooper needs to have the breaks repaired. So, when the light comes on in the car, the first thing I do is say, hey Pat, light came on in the car. Husband Pat says he’ll take care of it. Good husband!

Pat calls the MINI dealer. Why the MINI dealer?  Because the MINI dealer has drilled it into our heads that the MINI can only be repaired by authorized dealers. Okay maybe that is the case if you are under warranty but we are no longer under warranty.

Pat gets a price of $1300 for brake repair from the MINI dealer. Cindy chokes when Pat tells her the price. Pat sees the horrified look on Cindy’s face and remembers those college bills that have to be paid. So Pat does some thinking on how he can save money on this needed repair. I was hoping he didn’t come up with increasing the life insurance and disconnect the brakes. But rest assured, he’s a good man. 🙂

Now back up 4 years and this would have been the result:

Husband says, MINI dealer says we have to use an authorized dealer for repairs. And Cindy replies, well I guess we’ll have to do it. Just put it on the charge.

Now, fast forward again to 2010:

After picking Cindy up off the floor after telling her the price, Pat calls around and gets a price from an auto repair shop that we have used before for our other cars. And, the repair shop will allow us to purchase one of the most expensive parts ourselves to save even more money. So, MINI was repaired for a grand total of $333.18 plus $75 for the part for a total savings of $900!

Pat comes home with the repaired car and says, “Now how long would it take you to save $900 using coupons”. I laughed and we rejoiced at our savings but little does he know it would only take me less then 5 weeks to save $900 with coupons.

The moral of the story is: Saving money is a state of mind. We seriously would have charged the $1300 if this situation was presented to us 4 years ago.  I still shake my head thinking of that. So do some research, work some deals. It’s amazing where and how you can save.

Were you able to save a lot of money on a purchase?

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